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YouAccel Announces the Launch of Version 3.0

YouAccel Announces the Launch of Version 3.0

Today, YouAccel announces the launch of its bold new look. A completely re-designed website, built on the latest web frameworks to enhance the platform and deliver an optimal learning experience. The undertaking was initiated primarily to upgrade the underlying technology that powers the portal. Thus, making it faster, while ensuring cross-device compatibility. The new layout functions much more like an app, rather than a traditional website. Almost 80% of all users are now learning through mobile devices. By integrating powerful new technologies specifically designed for mobile users, YouAccel’s UI seamlessly adapts to just about any device, whether mobile, tablet or desktop.

YouAccel’s new engine, delivers all the benefits of a mobile app, without having to download or install any intrusive apps or components from the Apple or Android App Store. Simply load the website in any browser and go. Users can even add a home screen shortcut to the web app on any mobile device, for one-click access.

Some of the hottest new features include:

Keep-alive sessions

Keep-Alive Session

No more interruptions, due to session time outs. This means users can now login and maintain account access until the “logout” button is engaged. Once a session is established, the app can be deployed and closed at any time without having to repeatedly sign back in.

Improved Admin Console

Among some of the most significant enhancements, includes a fully re-designed admin dashboard. The UI makes it easier than ever to access course enrollments, network with other students, and create customized feeds of educational content displayed in the form of an infinite-scroll timeline. Users can now select interests, and populate their timeline with curated articles and videos from high quality news and media sources from around the web. This adds a valuable learning aid to ensure effective comprehension of key subjects.

Improved Course Playback Module

Course Playback

The course playback module has been transformed to deliver rapid-load video content that is fully mobile responsive. This means users can stream lectures from their favorite mobile device and navigate between lectures using the quick-slide menu. An integrated “full-screen” option also makes browsing, while viewing video content much more comfortable for desktop and tablet users.

Improved Course Administration


Students can now conveniently administer and access course enrollments through the “Enrollments” panel. This panel lists all active course enrollments, and provides an option to mark courses as “Complete”. On course completion, students are awarded a certificate if all video lectures have been viewed to 100%. The personalized certificate is downloadable, and presented in high-resolution PDF format, optimized for both web and print. All certificates now come with a permanent certificate URL, so the credential can be verified and added to popular job search sites like LinkedIn.

New Messaging Console

Messaging Console

YouAccel’s newly crafted messaging console has been designed to facilitate and encourage communication between community members. The Gmail like interface makes the utility easy to navigate. The console also includes support for relaying messages which include code blocks. This is perfect for web development and programming students that require the ability to exchange programming syntax to share and receive feedback on coding projects.

Community Interest Groups

Interest Groups

Significant improvements have been made to the YouAccel Groups module. Now, labelled as “Interest Groups”, members can join and follow various groups on different subjects. Each group contains curated content from dozens of top rated news and media sources from around the web. This includes popular YouTube and Vimeo channels for video content, and several news sites for articles and blog posts. New content is added almost every second, to ensure the content is up-to-date, and delivered in real-time.

Much, much More…

The updated platform includes a plethora of other features, but giving them all away would likely ruin the fun of exploring. Be sure to check out the new networking and job search modules. As always, YouAccel encourages community members to submit support requests if any assistance is required while transitioning to the new system.

For more information, contact:

YouAccel Public Relations