YouAccel Debuts Q&A Series on using Social Media for Career Building & Networking

YouAccel Debuts Q&A Series on Using Social Media for Career Building & Networking

Technology and commerce are rapidly evolving, giving rise to innovative new ways for people to communicate, exchange ideas, and conduct business. The social media phenomenon has undoubtedly facilitated one of the most significant shifts in networking, witnessed throughout modern history. People from across the globe, now seamlessly connect and relay messages back and forth instantaneously through a plethora of social media apps. It’s never been easier for people sharing similar interests and aspirations to find likeminded groups to connect, socialize, and relay information.

Given the exponential rise of social media throughout the world, YouAccel set out on a mission to further explore this fascinating topic. Through an elaborate Q&A series, YouAccel interviewed hundreds of respondents from different walks of life, on their use of social media apps for the specific purpose of career building and networking. The series attracted thought leaders, innovators, CEO’s, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who offered their unique perspectives and experience. To elicit thought provoking dialog from participants, YouAccel recruited the assistance of two social media and content titans, to host the segment. Marking their third appearance on a YouAccel collaboration, the Q&A hosts included Matthew Rolnick and Renee Sylvestre-Williams. Last year, both Matthew & Renee were featured on a number of YouAccel’s Q&A segments, which have since gone viral, accumulating over 140,000 views on YouTube. They previously spoke at length on topics like entrepreneurship, content strategy, and copywriting.

For readers unfamiliar with the pair, Matthew is the VP of Sales at Yaymaker. He’s also a Forbes Council Member, and contributing writer. Somewhere between his full time job, and churning out articles for Forbes, Matthew also teaches over 80,000 students on Udemy, between two flagship courses on Entrepreneurship & Content Writing.

Boasting an equally impressive profile, Matthew’s co-host Renee has been published in countless mainstream news publications including Forbes, CBC, The Globe & Mail, TVO, The Toronto Star, & Global News. She’s an acclaimed content strategist, who runs her own communications company. Under the moniker -30- Communications, Renee services some of the most distinguished brands in North America. This includes Deloitte, American Express, CIBC, Ceridian, Investors’ Group, and MD Financial.

Together, Matthew and Renee formulated twenty questions for participants, covering a range of hot topics. This includes the benefits and pitfalls of using social networks for job search and professional networking, addressing social media addiction, trends in networking apps, and browsing habits. Equally as impressive as the line of questions, were the responses provided by participants. Kicking off the Q&A segment, was Kaitlyn Severin, a freelance writer and content creator whose notable achievements include publishing articles for VICE news. Her insights were followed by Patrick Ward, best known for his contributions to Forbes, as a contributor and council member. Patrick’s list of business achievements are seemingly endless. His current roles include Director of Marketing at Rootstrap and Founder of NanoGlobals. Patrick is also known for this role in co-authoring “Money Matters” – an Amazon best-selling series targeted towards entrepreneurs. Other notable guests included Rabeea Wajeeha (CEO & Founder of The Blue Creative), Lauren Kinghorn (Founder of Fempreneurs Unite), James Tiong (Vice President of Operations at STEM Montessori Academy of Canada), Yuri Kaplan (Founder of Admas), Cosmas Mwirigi (Freelance Writer), Ajay Komirishetty (Service Technician at CGI), Anthony Lowe (Operations Manager at Banana Republic), John Sallie (E-Learning Developer at TenZen), and Ada Caplap (Marketing Coordinator at Talent Bureau).

The cumulative experience and insights offered by the distinguished participants, resonated throughout the roughly, two hour segment. The Q&A is a must-see and can be found on the YouAcccel YouTube Channel, where it premieres on Feb 15, 2021.

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