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YouAccel is an e-learning and job search platform that allows students and professionals alike to learn, network, and share knowledge.

YouAccel's Mission

Nature Founded in 2015 as an open source project [MIT License], YouAccel is a platform that allows instructors, students, employers, and job seekers to learn, network, & grow.

One of the key functions of the platform is to bring people around the world together in order to further their business, career, or learning goals. YouAccel facilitates this by acting as an open marketplace and social networking tool.

The portal hosts quality courses from passionate contributors and automatically pairs this content with enthusiastic learners looking to acquire new skills. Students on the platform are routinely encouraged to network with others who are enrolled in similar courses. YouAccel firmly believes that the learning process should involve as much interactivity as possible for effective comprehension of key concepts. Not only between student and instructor, but also student-to-student.

YouAccel curates content from thousands of sources and uses a combination of machine learning and data analysis to deliver this information to students based on learning objectives and interests. This feature gives members the ability to have unlimited access to current information, in real-time at their disposal.

In June 2016, YouAccel launched its jobs portal which was later integrated with the Indeed Jobs API. This all-encompassing job search tool enables job seekers to easily search through thousands of jobs across multiple cities in North America. Applicants can easily upload, manage and submit resumes through the portal, while communicating directly with employers through an internal messaging console.

Determined to be a disruptive leader in the E-Learning space, YouAccel works with some of the biggest names in tech to deliver rich, engaging content in HD Video & Audio. This includes Devslopes, DevCamp, & Stone River E-Learning. These strategic relationships give YouAccel direct on-demand access to a catalog of thousands of courses, taught by hundreds of world renowned instructors.

Strength in Community

YouAccel strongly believes that the future of online learning will be through open community based initiatives, where everyone’s voice is equally heard. This is exactly what YouAccel strives to achieve – an inclusive environment, where developers and content contributors can freely exercise control over the direction of the platform.

To date, hundreds of contributors around the globe have invested both time and resources, to ensure the continued furtherance of the projects mission. The YouAccel repository of project files is available exclusively on GitHub through an MIT License. Community members are encouraged to join and bring fresh perspectives to build new ideas and initiatives.

Why Learn with YouAccel?

YouAccel offers the best rated courses from instructors & Contributors around the Globe. In total, YouAccel team members teach over 3 Million students spanning over 130 countries, and 5 continents. We're also very active on social media, with a loyal fan base. When you join, you're part of a rapidly growing community.

Distinguished Contributors.

YouAccel contributors have been featured in several mainstream publications for their achievements. This Includes:

Matthew Rolnick

Yaymaker, Forbes

80,000+ Students

Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Strategist, Forbes

Bryan Guerra

Digital Marketer

400,000+ Students

Mark Timberlake

Digital Marketer

300,000+ Students

Philomena timberlake

Digital Marketer

100,000+ Students

Stephen Mather

Coach, Instructor

200,000+ Students

Jonny Burgoyne

App Developer

300,000+ Students

Mark Wahlbeck

CEO Deveslopes, LLC

500,000+ Students

Jason Brewer

iOS Engineer

300,000+ Students

Caleb Stultz

iOS Engineer

300,000+ Students

Geoff Blake

Graphic Designer

20,000+ Students

Brian Culp

MS Certified Instructor

50,000+ Students

Axel Mammitzsch

Hardware Engineer

1000+ Students

Wolf Matejek

Business, IT Coach

10,000+ Students

Vladimir Raykov

Copywriting, Marketing

50,000+ Students

Jordan Hudgens

IT, Programmer

500,000+ Students

Prof Krahenbill

IT, Business

100,000+ Students

Dumindu Madushanka

CEO Devuplink, LLC

Lisette Maduro

Author, Writer

Stefan Fulton

Producer - PBS, FCMG

Patrick Ward

Rootstrap, Forbes

3000+ Students

Kaitlyn Severin

Contributor, VICE News

3000+ Students

Juan Galvan


200,000+ Students

Lauren Kinghorn

CEO, Entrepreneur

4000+ Students

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Recent Press

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Awesome Features

Learn, Network, Search for Jobs, & Teach from the YouAccel Portal.

The YouAccel portal gives members complete control over the platform. Once signed in, you can enroll in courses, search for jobs, network with others, and contribute content. Some of the best UI developers in the industry have dedicated their time to ensure the dashboard is easy to navigate. YouAccel also offers community support through a convenient messaging console if you require any assistance while getting acquainted with all the features.

More Benefits

Learning with YouAccel has several exciting benefits.

Clear HD Video

All YouAccel courses are recorded and produced in 1920x1080p HD Quality.

Live Support

Have a question? Contact our support team at any time using our chat feature, or built-in messaging console.


All YouAccel courses come with a Certificate of Completion. This helps Showcase your proficiency in a subject to prospective employers.

Lifetime Access

All YouAccel courses include lifetime on-demand access. Class lecture are also available for offline viewing.


Join a community of over 600,000 learners. Connect & Communicate through YouAccel's networking tools.

Job Pool

YouAccel's integration with Indeed makes it easy to search through thousands of jobs and apply with just a click.

Want to be a Contributor?

If you enjoy helping others, why not contribute content? It's a great opportunity to share your knowledge with fellow community members, and earn extra income. Follow the simple three step process below to get started. Many of our contributors make a full-time income from teaching online.

Setup Profile

Complete your profile and upload some of your recent work experience. This helps us auto populate topics, that might be relevant for you.

Upload Sample

Upload a sample file for our quality assurance team (Video, Audio, or Text). This will serve as a guideline for all future content you upload.

Contribute Content

Once your sample is approved, select a topic and upload content. Payments are made within 48 hours of content delivery.

Interested in Contributing?

Watch a quick video on how it works.

Our Happy Members

See what some of our members have to say about their experience using YouAccel.

Are you an Employer?

Finding the right talent for your organization can often be a challenging task. After all a company is defined by its people and how effectively they employ available resources to stay ahead of the competition. YouAccel takes the guess work out of finding the right candidate. The YouAccel jobs portal allows organizations to post jobs and efficiently keep track of applicants. Employers can find detailed information on applicants, including resumes, cover letters, personalized messages and personal biographies. Candidates are also further assessed based on their profile strength and skill set. Employers can follow the three simple steps below to get started on uploading jobs:

Setup Profile

Sign up & complete your company profile so qualified candidates can learn more about your organization.

Upload Jobs

Upload jobs so candidates can find them through our integrated job search feature. Applicants can apply with just a click.

Track Applications

Monitor incoming job applications and respond to qualified candidates to setup a virtual meeting.

Employer Pricing Plans

We offer three convenient pricing packages for employers. Regardless of which you select, you will be appointed a dedicated assistant that will guide you through the process of uploading jobs and tracking applications.

Start Up


Duration: 14 days

1 Job Post

Applicant Tracking

Social Media Distribution

Newsletter Distribution

E-Mail Distribution

Paid Search Distribution


Small Business


Duration: 45 days

5 Job Posts

Applicant Tracking

Social Media Distribution

Newsletter Distribution

E-Mail Distribution

Paid Search Distribution



Duration: 90 days

15 Job Posts

Applicant Tracking

Social Media Distribution

Newsletter Distribution

E-Mail Distribution

Paid Search Distribution

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. --Malcom X

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

All YouAccel courses are taught through video lectures. The lectures are recorded in clear HD video & audio. Lectures may also be accompanied by other learning aids, such as notes, assignments, quizzes, and/or exams.

Course registration can be completed by clicking the “Enroll” button on the course landing page. From there you will be transferred to the checkout page. In order to enroll in a course, you must have an account and also be logged in.

YouAccel payments are processed through PayPal. PayPal currently accepts all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc.)

It is not required that you have a PayPal account to checkout using PayPal. To process your payment without a PayPal account, click the “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” button on the PayPal login page.

All courses come with Lifetime access. This includes access to all course videos, learning aids, and support.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund within 30 days.

You can communicate with your instructor through the messaging console in your account.

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