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  • Jordan Hudgens - Dev Camp

    Jordan Hudgens - Dev Camp

    DevCamp - Jordan Hudgens - Freelancing & Development Courses now on YouAccel!

    When we told you 2019 was going to be a big year, we weren't exaggerating! We've teamed up with Jordan Hudgens of DevCamp to bring you some of the finest Business, Development, and Freelancing courses available on the internet.

    Jordan Hudgens is the CTO and Founder of DevCamp where he leads instruction and curriculum development for all of the DevCamp and Bottega code schools around the US.

    As a developer for over the past decade, Jordan has traveled the world building applications and training individuals on a wide variety of topics, including: Ruby development, big data analysis, and software engineering.

    Jordan focuses on project driven education, as opposed to theory based development. This style of teaching is conducive to learning how to build real world products that adhere to industry best practices.

    Additionally Jordan has published multiple books on programming and computer science, along with developing training curriculum for Learn.co,devCamp, and AppDev on the topics of Ruby on Rails, Java, AngularJS, NoSQL, API development, and algorithms.
  • Analytics Leap - YouAccel

    Analytics Leap - YouAccel

    DevCamp - Jordan Hudgens - Freelancing & Development Courses now on YouAccel!

    We are extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with UK based learning institute, Analytics Leap. This means we can now offer a number of Data Analytics and Statistics courses to help students build a solid foundation towards a career in Data Analysis.

    Analytics Leap has established itself as a world leader in training solutions. They teach over 20,000 students around the globe. They offer an impressive list of courses, from mastering Microsoft Excel, to data analysis using SAS and Python. Their most popular titles can now be found right here on our platform.

    The lead instructor for the courses is Sachin Dean. Mr. Dean is an internationally renowned instructor with over 30 years of experience in teaching analytics and informatics for fortune 500 companies. Analytics Leap is devoted to building innovative courses that go well beyond theory. They focus on teaching students how to apply skills to real-world scenarios.
  • Stone River eLearning - YouAccel

    Geoff Blake - YouAccel

    Stone River eLearning Top Rated Design Courses now on YouAccel!

    If you thought last month was an exciting month, wait until you hear what's in store for September! To start off, we are very excited to announce that we've teamed up with Stone River eLearning to offer a completely new line of top-rated design courses. Stone River eLearning offers one of the largest repositories of online courses for technophiles. They've accumulated over half-a-million students and are well known internationally in the e-learning space. We welcome their contributions to our platform with great enthusiasm.

    About Stone River eLearning:

    "Stone River eLearning is owned and operated by Mark Trego and his support and development staff of outstanding eLearning enthusiasts from around the world. Mark originally hails from Bismarck, North Dakota, but now resides near the tiny town of Sheldon, Iowa where he lives with his wife and three children on a working farm". - Stone River eLearning

    Lead Instructor (Geoff Blake - Pictured Above):

    Geoff Blake (pictured, left) is the lead instructor in our two most notable courses from the Stone River collection. Mr. Blake is a Toronto-based author, trainer, designer and artist. He is also a well-known public speaker who has taught desktop publishing, graphics and web design in corporate settings and post-secondary institutions.

    Mr. Blake makes regular contributions to several leading tech magazines and websites. It is a great honor to have Mr. Blake share is his unique wealth of knowledge on our platform.
  • DevSlopes - YouAccel

    Devslopes Mobile & Web App Courses now on YouAccel!

    YouAccel.com will now host a complete line of courses developed by some of the biggest names in tech. We are extremely thrilled to announce the addition of three mobile app courses brought to you by the Devslopes team. This includes Mark Price, Jonny Burgoyne, Caleb Stultz, & Jason Brewer. Each one of these brilliant coding enthusiasts brings with them years of solid experience in building cutting-edge mobile apps for both iOS and Android Devices.

    Be sure to check out the courses below from our Devslopes Best Sellers list:

    • Machine Learning for Apps
    • iOS 11 & Swift 4: Beginner to Paid Professional
    • Kotlin for Androind: Beginner to Advanced

    Devslopes is one of the industry's most notable coding schools, teaching over 300,000 students globally. Founded in 2015 by CEO, Mark Price the company gained infamy after successfully raising over $190,000 through a Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign drew the attention and support of over 2000 individual backers, making it one of the most successful on the Kickstart platform.

    It's no surprise that with this level of rapid success, Devslopes has gained tremendous popularity in the tech world. They are regularly featured in dozens on tech newspapers and publications, including Bitcoin Exchange, CoinJournal, iProgrammer, and Forbes.


    Mark Price - YouAccel

    Mark Price

    CEO / Instructor
    Mark Price - YouAccel

    Jonny Burgoyne

    iOS / Android Engineer
    Mark Price - YouAccel

    Caleb Stultz

    iOS Engineer
    Mark Price - YouAccel

    Jason Brewer

    iOS / Web Engineer