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Are You Fully Stacked?

Are You Fully Stacked?
Are You Fully Stacked?
Why You Need to Make The Career Move To Full Stack Developer

By Lissette Maduro

The McKinsey Global Institute’s The Future After Covid report concludes: “The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work, e-commerce, and automation with up to 25% more workers than previously estimated potentially needing to switch occupations.” Consequently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Division Chief Michael Wolf says: “As companies have more of their employees working remotely, they’re going to invest more in software and systems that enable them to be productive in that environment.” Enter the full stack developer.

What is A Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer covers all bases in the software programming sphere. He or she has an in-depth understanding of computer system applications and is the handy-man of the software programming team. The full stack developer has the skills to transition smoothly between the two domains of web development: front-end and back-end.

Front-end development covers the client services side. Front end developers optimize all the features of an application that a client or site user can see or interact with when web browsing or using a mobile device.

The back end of web development covers the servers, databases, and all the internal framework that steers the application. Back end developers tweak the software code to consistently improve the application’s communication with servers, databases, or other software programming that relay information to front end interfaces. Typically, the client or end-user never interacts directly with the back end.

Because of the versatility in the function, a full stack developer, is required to:

  • Have competency in diverse scripting & programming languages:
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript (front end scripting languages) and prepackaged code libraries or content management systems like WordPress
    • Python, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby Version (back end programming languages)
    • API: REST, SOAP (Procedural Languages)
    • HTTP (Protocol language)
  • Be proficient in graphic design
  • Be skilled in managing UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)
  • Have training in version control systems (Git, Github), database storage solutions (SQL, NoSQL, JSON) and servers (Apache, NGINX)
  • Be skilled in cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Full stack developers are all-rounder’s who are equipped to jump in and help wherever they are needed in the web development process.

Full Stack Developer Career: Field of Dreams?

Should you consider a career as a full stack developer? The job market outlook for those who can design and maintain computer application systems from beginning to end is reassuring. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “an 8% growth in the job outlook for web developers between 2019 and 2029 and a whopping 22% for software developers.”

Based on the experience and role of the full stack developer Glassdoor reports “the average salaries by job title” in the US as:

  • Junior full-stack developer: $72,327
  • Senior full-stack developer: $109,281

In addition, most full stack developer functions can be accomplished from a flexible workplace. Consequently, a full stack developer has a wide array of employment options with companies worldwide and can work from anywhere in the world. According to Glassdoor’s global data, estimated average full-stack developer salaries around the world are:

  • Australia: 105,627 AUD ($81,568 USD)
  • Canada: C$86,703 ($68,743 USD)
  • India: Rs 623319 ($8,253 USD)
  • UK: £48,538 ($67,653 USD)
How Do You Become A Full Stack Developer and Is It For You?

To succeed as a full stack developer you’ll need the right disposition and character. Full stack developers do a lot of multi-tasking so flexibility, adaptability, teamwork and killer time management skills are required to navigate the web developing sphere. Full stack developers are also designers so creative thinking and curiosity for new concepts and ideas are necessary personality traits.

Given the diverse web development terrain that full stack developers traverse, keen attention to details is necessary along with clear and effective communication skills, both verbally and in writing, to keep everyone on the same page during the web development process.

You can become a Full Stack Developer by obtaining a degree in computer science, computer programming or a related field. However, a faster, more economical and just as effective option (especially if you’re already in a related field) would be to enroll in an accredited online course or intensive bootcamp in Web Development. You’ll quickly learn all the skills you need to be a successful full stack developer and since extensive experience is not required to apply for a starting position, you advance expeditiously in your new career as a full stack developer.

So go ahead, make that career move now!

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