Devslopes Mobile & Web App Courses now on YouAccel

Devslopes Mobile & Web App Courses now on YouAccel will now host a complete line of courses developed by some of the biggest names in tech. We are extremely thrilled to announce the addition of three mobile app courses brought to you by the Devslopes team. This includes Mark Price, Jonny Burgoyne, Caleb Stultz, & Jason Brewer. Each one of these brilliant coding enthusiasts brings with them years of solid experience in building cutting-edge mobile apps for both iOS and Android Devices.

Be sure to check out the courses below from our Devslopes Best Sellers list:

Devslopes is one of the industry’s most notable coding schools, teaching over 300,000 students globally. Founded in 2015 by CEO, Mark Price the company gained infamy after successfully raising over $190,000 through a Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign drew the attention and support of over 2000 individual backers, making it one of the most successful on the Kickstart platform.

It’s no surprise that with this level of rapid success, Devslopes has gained tremendous popularity in the tech world. They are regularly featured in dozens on tech newspapers and publications, including Bitcoin Exchange, CoinJournal, iProgrammer, and Forbes.

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