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Are You Ready to Jump-Start Your Career in Cloud Computing?

Ready for a Career in Cloud Computing?
Ready to Jump-Start Your Career in Cloud Computing? – Certification in AWS might be your best move.

Data from the global market intelligence firm, IDC, estimates that spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will reach approximately $500 billion by 2023. As the leader in public cloud services, opting for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) career is an astute move if you’re considering embarking on a new career or changing your career path.

Why Choose A Career In AWS?

AWS has been the fastest-growing public cloud service since its inception in 2006. As such, it continues to run ahead of the competition. It is the #1 public cloud platform and continues to grow remarkably in the cloud computing market. According to business data platform Statista, in the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) section of the public cloud market, AWS corners about 33 percent of the market. That is about the same amount as the next two main providers (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) combined command of the market. This makes a career in AWS a gainful professional outlook.

Additionally, in the public cloud job market there is currently a greater demand than there are prospective employees. It is estimated that 60 percent of these vacancies are linked to AWS. This shortage is expected to continue for quite a while so choosing now for an AWS career would be a wise decision.

Types Of AWS Careers

By now you’re probably wondering with this optimistic outlook, “What type of career can I have as an AWS professional?” Here are a few examples of AWS career options:

  • Cloud Data ArchitectA cloud data architect or data engineer, functions as a cloud database administrator or a professional in analyzing data. They are proficient in managing AWS technology, services and database resources and know the value of enterprise data which techopedia defines as “data that is shared by the users of an organization, generally across departments and/or geographic regions.” The yearly salary for a cloud data architect averages $140,000-$155,000 USD.
  • Cloud Systems AdministratorAn AWS SysOps administrator configures, installs, maintains and operates virtual systems, software, and associated infrastructures. A SysOps administrator is also responsible for analytics software maintenance and building dashboards used for reporting. The yearly salary for a cloud systems administrator averages $96,000-$99,000 USD.
  • Cloud DevOps EngineerA Cloud DevOps engineer’s duties include maintenance on servers, debugging or repairing as needed and devising AWS cloud solutions to improve companies or organizations. The yearly salary for a cloud DevOps engineer averages $114,000-$125,000 USD.
  • Cloud Security EngineerA cloud security engineer follows best practices to secure sensitive and confidential data, protect AWS systems, and guarantees that security controls meet industry regulatory compliance. The yearly salary for a cloud security engineer averages $117,000-$136,000 USD.
  • Cloud ArchitectA cloud architect builds, maintains and designs economical, reliable and expandable AWS environments. A cloud architect steers the cloud computing field by providing technical planning and guiding the implementation of new technology that integrates with user environments. The yearly salary for a cloud architect averages $140,000-$150,000 USD

Other AWS careers include Cloud Network Specialist, Cloud Consultant and Cloud Developer.

How To Embark On The AWS Career Path

There are great resources for learning AWS and acquiring certification if you choose to embark on a career in AWS. As we discussed in our last blog, AWS certification verifies your proficiency and credibility as an AWS professional which makes you a shoo-in for the position that you’re looking for, at the organization of your choice.

There are many courses, manuals, practice exams, AWS communities and conferences to assist you with preparing for AWS certification. These resources also keep you up to date with the latest developments in the cloud computing market.

It’s also important to choose reputable courses and recognized organizations to do your AWS training and certification with. Be sure to plan well, as the costs of courses and other resources along with the time to prepare for the certification exam, and the collection of materials, need to be taken into consideration.

AWS certification comes with entry to the AWS Partner Network, which provides access to Amazon’s “high-quality technical, business, sales, and marketing resources along with training materials” for professionals and organizations.

An Exciting Career Move

There are many available careers in AWS but the most important decision in considering AWS as a career path, is to choose the role that best compliments your desired lifestyle.

Check out our line of AWS courses to determine the best AWS career path for you and get started on your journey.

Get Started Now

Whether you’re interested in starting out in cloud computing or you’re looking to learn new AWS skills, we have resources for you. Take a look at our website to figure out the right course for you and get started now.

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