YouAccel Collaborates with DevUpLink on AI based Recruitment Project

YouAccel Collaborates with DevUpLink on AI based Recruitment Project

YouAccel announced a newly launched initiative to pair job candidate data with employers using machine learning. The project which is spear headed by Senior Developer, Dumindu Madushanka of DevUpLink, is aimed at streamlining the recruitment process by algorithmically ranking resumes based on keywords and other defined metrics. The technology also helps to factor in social considerations such as diversity through the formation of inclusive job descriptions and interview questions.

Over recent months, organizations have adopted variations of AI in the recruitment process, in order to help reduce employee turnover and facilitate growth. There’s been a significant progression in the development of AI powered recruitment tools, with IBM leading the pact. IBM launched the most comprehensive AI-powered talent management solution to date, known as IBM Watson Recruitment. More on the IBM Watson Recruitment project can be found at the IBM Knowledge Center, below:

IBM Watson Recruitment

DevUpLink Founder and CEO Dumindu Madushanka, explains how AI powered recruitment will play a paramount role in the talent acquisition process:

Dumindu MadushankaAI in the recruitment process will generally be used to create scorecards of potential candidates. The success profile of each candidate will be a derivative of both internal and external data sources. The scoring system will hopefully allow organizations to build predictive patterns relevant to the likelihood of success of any given candidate for various roles.

However, this is a simplistic overview of how AI will help in recruitment. It actually goes far beyond this. IBM Watson for example takes it a few steps further by implementing requisition prioritization and social listening in the hiring process. This helps not only measure candidate success based on scoring, but also takes other metrics into consideration such as “time to fill” and competitive forces. Recruitment involves a complex analysis of supply and demand factors, as organizations are essentially competing for candidates in a limited talent pool.”

Although in its infancy, the AI powered recruitment project coordinated by YouAccel has already crossed a number of major milestones and is expected to be released as an open source project on Git Hub through a combination of a Creative Commons and MIT License.

About DevUpLink

DevUpLink is a Toronto based Software Engineering firm specializing in iOS, Android, and Web Applications. The company was founded by Dumindu Madushanka who is also a key contributor to the YouAccel project and community. Dumindu is a graduate of the University of Westminster. He has worked on several major assignments for the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka, World Health Organization (WHO), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH). Dumindu continuously strives to challenge himself by taking on projects that utilize his skills and aptitude for problem solving.



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