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Creating a Great Sample Audio or Video File – Content Creators

guide: how to create a sample AUDIO/VIDEO FILE

If you are applying to be a content contributor on our platform, you are required to submit a sample audio/video file. The sample is your opportunity to showcase your communication skills and your ability to articulate your thoughts.

There are a number of ways you can ensure that your submission is approved by our quality assurance team. This will be required before we can start assigning you paid assignments. Once your sample is approved, it is important to keep the quality of your future videos consistent with the sample. If for any reason your video is not approved, we will provide feedback on ways to improve the quality so it meets our guidelines.

The list below includes the minimum requirements for sample audio/video files.

  • Clear Audio/Video content without distracting noises or visual elements.
  • Clear Lighting for Video content.
  • Video Resolution: Minimum 1280×720
  • Format: MP4

Please use the script text below as a guideline for your Audio/Video clip:

  • Hi my name is [Your Name]. I am currently a [Explain where you spend most of your time. For example: Work/School/Business etc.]. I am very excited to work with YouAccel and contribute valuable content to the community. My personal hobbies include [Explain a few of your Hobbies and Interests]. I am most passionate about [Describe topics that interest you, and how you can contribute to the community].

This about sums up the requirements for your sample video. Please keep in mind we are here to assist you in any way you need.

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