Our customers have said

I took the Photoshop course offered by YouAccel.com. I had a great experience and the course was very thorough. The instructors are very responsive and easy to communicate with.

Katrina Landis, Student

I used YouAccel when I lost my job. I hadn’t been out of a job in years and needed assistance preparing and submitting resumes. The e-portal is fantastic. It helped me update and re-design my resume and cover letter. I used it to apply for a few positions and landed a great career!

Anthony Haines, Job Seeker

So far, I have been very impressed with the portal. The courses are easy to follow and very well organized. The quizzes and assignments help develop a thorough understanding of the course materials. I am planning to use some of the certifications in search for new employment opportunities.

Stephane Carlson, Student

I took the web marketing course and had a great time. The instructors are very detailed in their explanation of course concepts. I had already taken a diploma program at a local college in marketing, but find these courses much more informative.

Carla King, Student

I came across YouAccel.com at a job fair on my university campus. I used the portal to create a resume and apply for internships at several companies. I am thrilled to say I found a great job and hope to use the system again in the future.

Henry W. Craig, Job Seeker

I heard about YouAccel.com through my employer. I was required to update my computer skills and took a few of the office administration certificate programs. The courses were great and taught me many ways to improve on my work performance and efficiency. I would highly recommend their training services.

Nick Witty, Student

I recently graduated and needed an entry level position to gain experience in my field. Thanks to YouAccel.com I was able to easily submit my resume to dozens of job listings and secure a great position!

Jin Lu, Job Seeker

The system is very easy to use. I took some of the certificate programs on recommendation from my employer. I gained much more than I expected from the training modules I took. I hope to take other courses in the future. Keep up the good work!

Abbas Hussain, Student

I am an aspiring photographer and needed to learn some of the technical aspects of digital photography. The courses are fantastic and very visual. I would say these are some of the best courses I have taken. They helped me gain a very thorough understanding of complex subject matter. I would highly recommend the Photography training.

Hansu Patel, Student

Due to an organization restructuring I was laid off from my position. I heard about YouAccel.com from a colleague who had used them to apply for jobs in the past. I used the portal to submit my application to many different companies. After a couple of weeks of interviewing I was able to get a great new job. I would highly recommend the service for fellow job seekers!

Bill Connor, Job Seeker

Fantastic service! I have taken many courses through the school. The explanations are very thorough and the instructors are friendly and easy to talk too. Strongly recommend the training.

Claire Thomas, Student

I had a great experience with the service. I was looking for a summer job with a good company to build my portfolio. I applied to a few positions in the portal and was able to get hired fairly quickly. I will certainly been using the service in the future.

Dan Troy, Job Seeker