Meet Renee Sylvestre-Williams: 4 Million Page Views in 1 Month at Yahoo

Meet Renee Sylvestre-Williams: 4 Million Page Views in 1 Month at Yahoo
Renee Sylvestre-Williams
Renee Sylvestre-Williams Interview with YouAccel

YouAccel recently published one of its most notable, and highly anticipated interview sessions to date. For weeks there had been speculation on Renee Sylvestre-Williams making a guest appearance in YouAccel’s Q&A style interview series. For those unfamiliar with Renee’s work, she is one of the most prolific content strategists in the corporate world, whose client list includes some of the most distinguished brands in North America. This includes Deloitte, American Express, CIBC, Ceridian, Investors’ Group, and MD Financial.

Equally as impressive as her client list, is her aptitude for steering content direction for multi-national media conglomerates like Corus Entertainment, and TC Transcontinental. In her role as managing editor, Renee has provided leadership and strategic direction for major television networks and online publications like, Food Network, HGTV, ELLE Canada, Style At Home, and Canadian Living.

Her list of achievements are seemingly endless. In addition to the accolades mentioned above, Renee has also been a key contributor for mainstream news publications like Forbes, CBC, The Globe & Mail, Canadian Business, TVO, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Global News, and Digital Trends.

As a results-driven strategist, Renee has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the realm of digital marketing and content strategy. Her key areas of specialization include strategy and content development for finance brands, targeted towards Gen Y, and millennials. Renee regularly publishes finance articles and tips as a columnist for, and Genworth Canada.

The Q&A with Renee was conducted as part of YouAccel’s initiative to add valuable content to its new and existing line of courses. The sessions provide students with insights from professionals who are already well established in their respective industry.

In the hour-long session, Renee speaks at length about her passion for writing stemming from a young age. She explores the evolution of her writing journey, into a successful career, including her role as a Senior Lifestyle Editor for Yahoo. During her tenure at Yahoo!, Renee launched two fashion franchises which generated a staggering 4 million page views within the first month. Her contributions also defined the voice and direction of the Yahoo Lifestyle Channel. Renee provides a number of insightful tips for aspiring writers and journalists, entering the industry. She explores the importance of optimizing content for search engines using keyword analysis. She provides a detailed comparison of written vs. video content for viewer engagement and retention. Viewers are also taught the importance of topic selection, and overcoming common obstacles in a writer’s journey, such as writer’s block. Although the interview offers a comprehensive overview of dozens of topics, Renee’s overall message is clearly conveyed throughout the session: It’s all about quality, not quantity. Writers, content developers, and strategists need to spend time understanding their audience, along with their needs and interest. From there, develop quality content that solves problems and answers importance questions.

If you are an aspiring writer, digital marketer, or just an enthusiast when it comes to strategic content development, the interview is an absolute must-see. Renee provides candid and detailed responses to over fifty questions relevant to the industry, including her own personal aspirations and future goals.

The complete interview in HD on YouTube is available here.

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