Top 5 jobs for 2016


Find yourself divided about the career choice that best suits your abilities and objectives? You’re not alone. Students and professionals alike continue to struggle with this decision in fear of the daunting possibility of getting stuck in a career rut. Salary can often take a back bench in priority when evaluating career satisfaction. Many seek unique challenges and a motivating work environment that offers adequate time for family and personal interests.

There are many career options, but this year, some seem to be gleaming in popularity among millennials and professionals looking for a definitive change in occupation. Here are the top five jobs in demand for 2016 (in no particular order):

Human Resources Manager

In a study published by career review site, Glassdoor – HR and recruitment managers scored highly in earning potential and career opportunity. In many companies the HR department now serves as a back bone to an organizations human capital resources, which ultimately defines business growth and direction. Handling payroll, employee relations and training are just a few of the many demanding roles an HR manager takes on. For those seeking a highly interactive role with many challenges, the HR manager makes a great career fit.


Shaping the mind of a knowledge-hungry student is no small undertaking. Professors follow students through pivotal stages of development. This is a highly influential role that contributes to the very fabric of an economy by fostering innovation and strategic thinking. A career as a professor offers lucrative pay packages as reported by the U.S bureau of labor statistics (BLS). Though it’s important to note that this pay grade is coupled with a high, but equally rewarding, work load.


If the prospect of a rigorous marathon of schooling and training doesn’t deter you, working as a dentist might well suit your career ambitions. The pathway to becoming a dentist starts as early as high school and requires a solid aptitude for courses in chemistry, biology and mathematics. Yes, the same subjects that for many of us, likely caused sleepless nights and cold sweats. A career as a dentist involves identifying and treating issues relating to the mouth, gums and teeth. Although this career choice likely wouldn’t be the best choice for an avid dinner-time conversationalist, it certainly makes the pay-grade. As reported by the BLS – dentists earned a median income in the triple digits. Surely, that won’t leave you grinding your teeth after a long day.

Physical Therapist

The devastation of any type of serious injury can have resonating effects – not only to the victim, but also close friends and family. Anyone involved in rehabilitating patients back to a glimmer of normalcy in their lives would likely agree that the work is undeniably rewarding in itself. When accidents do happen, big or small, family physicians refer patients to physical therapists. It is the role of the PT to evaluate the patient and examine medical records to create programs designed to improve the patient’s mobility, increase strength, or relieve pain. If you enjoy a hands-on approach to healing, this career path is for you. The PT will create treatment plans that include various stretches and exercises, often using machines that assist in improving muscle strength and motor function. The BLS reported a 36% growth in demand for PT workers through to 2022. The salary range for PT workers ranged from 56k – 113k USD, likely depending on experience and location.

IT Manager

The role of the IT manager has never been more significant. The modern day corporate infrastructure consists of sophisticated internal networks that seamlessly connect all organizational staff members. This ensures streamlined communication and efficiency in data processing. Furthermore, with the evolution of cloud services and big data, the IT field only continues to grow, with an insatiable thirst for talented management personnel ready to take on unique challenges. The BLS reports employment growth of over 15% between 2012 and 2022 in the IT Management sector. BLS also reports the median income for IT managers at 123k USD. Even the lowest-paid workers took home over 75k USD.

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