Lecture Notes

Is Freelancing Right for You?

Benefits of Freelancing
Challenges of Freelancing

Preparing for Launch

Section Introduction
Scheduling Your Freelance Business Launch
Creating a Freelance Portfolio
Building a List of Freelance Services
Creating a Website for a Freelance Business
Creating Freelance Marketing Websites for Specific Client Categories
Creating a Targeted Set of Sales Proposals
Freelance Proposal Templates
Setup Bookkeeping Services

How to Get Freelance Clients

Section Introduction
An Overview of Where to Get Freelance Clients
The Secret to Getting Clients on Outsourcing Services
Soft Skills for Becoming More Appealing to Freelancers
How to Organically Grow a Freelance Business

Project Management for Freelancers

Section Introduction
How to Create an Accurate Project Bid as a Freelancer
Feature Requirement Elicitation Process
Project Management Application Tools for Freelancers
Introduction to Using Git to Manage Freelance Projects
How to Use GitHub Part 1 of 2
How to Use GitHub Part 2 of 2
Automating Daily Updates to Clients
How to Remotely Demo Work for Freelance Clients
Freelance Guide to Managing Advanced Features
Defining Project Success as a Freelance Developer
Managing Outsourced Developers
Dodging Silver Bullets as a Freelancer
Freelancer Prototyping Tools

Testing Freelance Projects

Section Introduction
Using TDD (Test Driven Development) on Freelance Projects
Generating a Code Quality Report for Freelance Projects

Working with Legacy Applications

Section Introduction
How to Take Over a Legacy Application as a Freelancer
Starting Over vs. Refactoring on Legacy Applications

Managing Client Relationships

Section Introduction
How to Managing Client Communications as a Freelancer
Managing Conflicts with Clients as a Freelancer
Knowing When to Fire a Client as a Freelancer

Lecture Notes

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Lecture: Project Management Application Tools for Freelancers