Lecture Notes

Section 1: Introduction

Welcome, Here's What You'll Learn
Meet Your Instructor
Course Requirements
What You'll Be Able To Accomplish With This Course

Section 2: Getting Started

Introduction To Getting Started
An Introduction To Logo Design
What Exactly Is A Logo?
Why Do Logos Even Exist? What Is Their Purpose?
Most Logos Are Meaningless
Logos Identify Our Tribe
A Metaphor For Logos
Logos For Small Business
Successful Logo Requirements
A Brief History Of Logo Design

Section 3: Logo Fundamentals: Understanding The Basics

Introduction To Logo Fundamentals: Understanding The Basics
Can Only Artists Design Great Logos?
Why Small Business Needs Your Logo Design Skills
Guidelines And Best Practices For Logo Design
Analyzing Globally Recognizable Logos
Trends In Logo Design
Copying, Stealing...Plagiarism!
Avoid The Cliche
Why Bad Logos Don’t Work

Section 4: A Logo's Visual Elements

Introduction To A Logo's Visual Elements
Organizing A Logo's Visual Information
Using Alignment Within Logos
Using Whitespace To Your Advantage
Creating Visual Interest With Movement

Section 5: The Power Of Typography

Introduction To The Power Of Typography
Type-Only Logos
Understanding Typeface Styles
Typography Terminology
Choosing A Typeface Hierarchy
Forbidden Fonts!
Font Resources

Section 6: Understanding Colour

Introduction To Understanding Colour
How Colour Is Interpreted
Brand Differentiation Via Color
How Many Colours Should A Logo Have?
Understanding Colour Spaces

Section 7: The Logo Design Process

Introduction To The Logo Design Process
Step 1: Getting Started With Client Questions
Step 2: Research And Information Gathering
Step 3: Brainstorming Ideas
Step 4: Moving To The Computer
Step 5: Presenting Your Best Ideas
Step 6: Final Logo Delivery

Section 8: Graphics Fundamentals

Introduction To Graphics Fundamentals
Raster vs Vector Graphics
Alternatives To Photoshop
Alternatives To Illustrator
How Does InDesign Fit Into All This?

Section 9: Adobe Illustrator Primer

Introduction To Adobe Illustrator Primer
Getting Started With Illustrator
Understanding Paths And Anchor Points
Aligning And Spacing Objects
Grouping, Locking, Stacking, And Duplicating Objects
Working With Colour
Building Colour Schemes And Palettes
Illustrator Typography
Advanced Typography Techniques
Mastering The Pen Tool

Section 10: Adobe Photoshop Primer

Introduction To Adobe Photoshop Primer
Getting Started With Photoshop
Understanding Resolution And Resizing
Using Photoshop Layers
Creating And Modifying Selections
Handling And Formatting Text

Section 11: Creating A Logo With Photoshop and Illustrator

Introduction To Creating A Logo With Photoshop and Illustrator
Clean Up With Photoshop
Automatically Converting Pixels To Vector Shapes
Manually Tracing Pixels To Create Vector Shapes
Ideas For Logo Variations
Saving To Different File Formats From Illustrator
Saving To Different File Formats From Photoshop

Section 12: Additional Resources

Introduction To Additional Resources
Inspirational Resources For Logo Designers
How Much Should You Charge?
How To Find Clients

Lecture Notes

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