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YouAccel.com is a leading provider in online training and job search solutions. We offer a full range of comprehensive courses in different subject areas. Our courses are all recorded in HD by industry experts.

In addition to our online learning platform, students and individuals can use our system to connect with employers and apply for jobs in their desired field. For more information, please review our company profile.
To create an account, click the register link on the top of the page. Complete the registration form on the following page and press “Sign Up”. You will immediately be logged into the portal. From there you can register for courses, create a resume and/or apply for jobs.
To sign into your account, click the “Sign In” link at the top of the page. Enter your username and password and press “Login”. Once you have been authenticated you will be able to access the portal.
To change any of your personal information or login credentials, you must first sign in. Once you are logged in, click on the “Settings” link. A new page will load with your existing information. To make changes, simply enter the new information and press “save”.


To search for a course, visit our home page. Click on the Course Search tab and enter key words based on your search criteria. Press the ‘Go’ button and the results will display on the following page.
To register for a course, sign in to your account and click “Course Search”. Search for a course by entering key words into the search field. Once you find a course of interest, simply click on it. The following page will have a full course outline and other detailed information. Once you have reviewed the information, click the “Pay Enrolment Fee” button and enter your payment details. Upon successful completion of the payment, the course will be added to your account under the “My Courses” link.
Each course offered on our platform will specify the skill level. Courses are classified as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Some courses may be a combination of all three levels. It is important to review the course details prior to enrolling.
Yes. Students will receive a certificate of completion for every course that is successfully completed. Courses require students pass the required assessments in order for certification.
Yes. We encourage students to leave feedback for instructors on completion of any course. To write a review, simply access the course under the “My Courses” link. On the following page, press the “Write a review” button. A dialogue box will appear, where you can leave a star rating and detailed feedback about the course.
To view a lecture, click on the “Course Contents” tab. Under this tab you will see the various sections and corresponding lectures. To play a lecture, click on the lecture title. The lecture video will load in the video player.
The course exercise files and any other relevant download files can be found under the “Downloads” tab. All download files are compressed into .zip format.
All course quizzes and exams are located under the “Course Assessments” Tab. To complete the quiz or exam, simply click on the title and the assessment will load. All assessments are multiple choice. Upon completion, your mark will be displayed immediately. The passing mark is 60%.
It is not required that you submit assignments. These are available for learning purposes and offer additional practice. You can email assignments to your designated instructor for feedback. Only the quizzes and exams are used towards obtaining a certificate. .
All course contents including lecture videos, assessments and downloads are available only when logged into the e-portal.
Adding a course to your wish list allows you to book mark courses that you do not intend to purchase at the moment. To save a course, click the “Heart” icon, seen on the course preview. The course will immediately be added to your wish list.
To remove a course from your wish list, click the “Remove” button. The course will be instantly removed.
All your current courses can be viewed under the “My Courses” link. Each time you register for a course, the course will appear on the “My Courses” page.
If you are interested in developing a course on our platform, click the “Become an Instructor” button located at the top, right corner of any course related page. From there you can begin by clicking the “Start Now” button.

Job Search

To search for a job, sign into your account. Click the “Job Search” link and enter your search criteria. Job searches can be filtered using Keywords, location, company, job type, experience level and job postdate. Click here for a Tutorial.
To create a resume, sign into your account. Click on the “My Resumes” link and you will see a button titled “Add New Resume” under the “Resume” Tab. Click this button and follow the on screen instructions. Click here for a Tutorial.
To create a cover letter, sign into your account and click the “My Resumes” link. Locate and click on the “Cover Letters” Tab. Under this tab, click the button titled “Add New Cover Letter”. A dialogue box will appear with on screen instructions to complete the process. Click here for a Tutorial.
A cover letters allows you to emphasize details about your work experience and/or unique skills. This will likely help in drawing attention to your application among the applicant pool.
To edit your resume, click on the “My Resumes” link. You will see a listing of all the resumes on file. Under the heading “Options”, you can edit and delete your resume(s). Click here for a Tutorial.
To edit your cover letter, click on the “My Resumes” link and access the “Cover Letters” Tab. You will see a listing of all the cover letters on file. Under the heading “Options”, you can edit and delete your cover letter(s). Click here for a Tutorial.
Once you have created at least one resume and cover letter, you can begin applying for positions. To apply, conduct a job search. Click on the position of interest and review the details. Once you are ready, click the button titled “Apply for this Position”. A dialogue box will appear with a list of your Resumes and Cover letters on file. Select the resume and cover letter you would like to submit and click “Apply”.
To save a job, click the “Save job” button on the job description page. The job will be saved to your “Saved Jobs” section. Under this section, you can search, delete and obtain information on saved jobs.
You can keep track of your submitted applications by clicking on the “Applications Sent” link. You can view the date the application was sent, the company, location, and description of the position.
Our employers look for candidates with certain skills and/or qualifications. The recommended certifications are courses recommended by employers for those candidates that do not currently have the necessary certifications or knowledge for the position. In many cases, taking the recommended courses significantly improves your profile strength and desirability among prospective employers. Our courses are all designed and taught by industry renowned experts.
All companies have their own method of evaluating prospective candidates and filtering through job applications. If you have recently submitted an application, it may take several weeks to receive a response. If another candidate was chosen for the position, recruiters will keep your resume on file for future use. It is important to stay positive and continue looking for other suitable positions in the meantime.
No. You are only able to submit an application for a position once.
After you have submitted your job application employers receive your resume and cover letter via email and also within their applicant tracking folders on YouAccel.com. Depending on how employers process their applications, you may receive a confirmation email from the employer that your application has been received. Once the employer has reviewed your application, you may receive an email or a phone call for additional information or to arrange an interview.
Not all employers include salary information in the job posting. If it is available, it will be visible in the job description.

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