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updated May 2024

Position: Mandarin Language Instructor

This position is part of the YouAccel distributed-flex program. This means candidates can work from our satellite office or entirely remotely from a location of their convenience.

Job Description

YouAccel seeks an enthusiastic Chinese instructor who is passionate about helping others. The ideal candidate will have excellent written and oral communication skills. The applicant will be responsible for the preparation of pre-recorded lectures for the YouAccel e-learning platform. Candidates will also be required to create comprehensive lecture aids such as presentations to help students learn course material. Instructors will be responsible for regularly communicating with students and monitoring their progress. If this sounds like you, please submit up to three writing samples with your application to help us get a sense of your best work.

Key Responsibilities

  • Organizing and delivering online video lectures to students

  • Evaluating student's course work and assignments.

  • Preparation of coursework and materials, homework assignments, and other audio/visual learning aids.

  • Overall management of the e-classroom.

  • Developing lesson plans and course curriculum.

  • Creating and maintaining a vibrant teaching atmosphere that encourages student participation.

Qualifications Required

Exceptional written and oral communication skills.

Excellent planning and organizational skills.

A high degree of patience and a sincere desire to help students learn a language.

Proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite.

Some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is preferred but not required.

A solid understanding of grammar rules, spelling, diction, word pronunciation, sentence structure, punctuation, reading and essay writing in the Chinese language.

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