Learn JavaScript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginners Course

Learn modern JavaScript programming fundamentals with practical hands-on training.
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Learn JavaScript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginners Course.

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Course Outline

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JavaScript Marketplace - 01:39 [Play]

JavaScript Job Opportunities - 04:49

Intro To JavaScript & Environment - 09:29 [Play]

VS Code and Extensions - 07:28

Browser Dev tools and JS Console - 04:30

Common Console Errors - Syntax, Type, Reference - 11:46

Intro to Terminal - 08:31

Crash course on GitHub - 10:06

Online Resources (W3schools, MDN Web Docs, Stack Overflow) - 11:23

Coding Challenge Hello World in JS - 01:51

Coding Challenge Solution - 03:04

Execution Content Object - 04:33 [Play]

SingleMulti Line Coding - 11:54

Variable - 14:30

Hoisting - 05:32

Declaration Assignment - 07:27

Operators - 10:49

Operator Precedence - 13:48

Coding Challenge - 01:58

Coding Challenge Solution - 04:50

Primitive Data Types - 04:32 [Play]

String Manipulation - 13:02

Numbers - 05:57

Numbers Manipulation - 09:29

Symbol - 03:48

Null and Undefined - 04:24

Boolean Logic and Control Flow - 06:22

TruthyFalsy values and Equality Operators - 06:59

If-Else Statements, nesting if and else - 09:05

Ternary Operators - 04:09

Switch Statements - 04:54

Code Challenge - 01:28

Code Challenge Solution - 06:59

Advanced Data Types Intro - 01:21 [Play]

Arrays and Length - 11:28

Basic Array Methods - 09:56

Objects and Properties - 08:34

Object Methods - 07:19

Code Challenge - 00:45

Code Challenge Solution - 04:31

For and for in Loop - 07:17 [Play]

While Loops - 02:20

Break and Continue Statements - 03:16

Coding Challenge - 00:35

Coding Solution - 06:10

Function Declarations - 06:34 [Play]

Function Expressions - 08:08

Arrow Functions - 04:08

IIFE - 04:53

Scope - 07:12

Closure - 09:35

Callbacks - 07:25

Code Challenge - 01:07

Code Challenge Solution - 06:49

Foreach Method - 03:35 [Play]

Map Method - 04:23

Filter Method - 04:02

Reduce Method - 08:26

Sort Method - 06:18

Spread Operator - 07:47

Course Description

Welcome to the - Learn JavaScript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginners Course

This practical, hands-on course was created for newbies %u2013 that's to say, people with no prior training or knowledge with JavaScript or Web Development.

In this practical, hands-on class you're going to learn how to use JavaScript and go from beginner to expert!

Even if you already have some experience, or want to learn about the advanced features of JavaScript, this course is for you!

In this class you%u2019ll learn everything detailed in the course outline below.

Blending practical work with solid theoretical training, we take you from the basics of JavaScript through to mastery.

While the theory is important, we understand that it can also be dry and uninspiring. For this reason, this course is packed with examples that you can follow step by step.

This class gives you foundational training on JavaScript so you can increase your coding skills and start pursuing a career in a field that is increasingly in demand as the global reliance on technology grows.

JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It is what gives a page life%u2014the interactive elements and animation that engage a user. If you've ever used a search box on a home page, checked a live baseball score on a news site, or watched a video, it has likely been produced by JavaScript.

What makes JavaScript great is that it's not necessary to know how to write it to use it in your web code. You can find plenty of prewritten JavaScripts for free online. To use such scripts, all you need to know is how to paste the supplied code into the right places on your web page.

Despite the easy access to prewritten scripts, many coders prefer knowing how to do it themselves. Because it is an interpreted language, no special program is required to create usable code. A plain text editor like Notepad for Windows is all you need to write JavaScript. That said, Markdown Editor might make the process easier, particularly as the lines of code add up.

Learn JavaScript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginners Course

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Course Instructor - Juan Galvan

juan galvan
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Hi I'm Juan. I've been an Entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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