Spanish for Ambitious Beginners

The Learn and Practice Method
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Spanish for Ambitious Beginners.

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Course Outline

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Introduction & Course Roadmap

Is this course for you? - 02:26 [Play]

Course Roadmap - 06:27

Las vocales - 02:51 [Play]

Las consonantes (1st part) - 16:18

Las consonantes (2nd part) - 15:53

The TILDE game (1st part) - 05:51

The TILDE game (2nd part) - 06:28

Two Extra Features of the Tilde - 06:29

The #1 Secret to Succeed as a Spanish Student - 00:47 [Play]

The numbers: 1-15 - 00:47

Hay una casa en New Orleans... - 00:47

Question Words - 00:47

Who is who? Los pronombres personales - 03:28

Gender (1) not only for people - 08:10 [Play]

Gender (2) 3 useful tricks - 07:26

Gender (3) exceptions and summary - 07:11

Feeling lonely: Singular y plural - 06:30

The articles: Gender and Number in action - 08:22

A dialog: knowing each other - 02:06 [Play]

How to use SER: conjugacion y usos - 10:14

Diálogo A typical phone conversation - 01:17 [Play]

How to use ESTAR conjugación y usos - 07:07

SER o ESTAR? This is the question! - 11:08 [Play]

Warm-up Text - 03:03 [Play]

The Present Tense Formula - 10:24

Frases Negativas - 02:48 [Play]

The numbers (16 a 100) - 05:57

Tambien vs. tampoco - 05:04

What's in this module? - 01:34 [Play]

La decision de David y Maria - 05:45

Let's make a gazpacho together! - 05:20 [Play]

Felicidades! Congratulations! - 01:13

Course Description

This comprehensive Spanish for Beginners Course will let you build a solid foundation for your Spanish journey.

"The main advantadge of this online course is that you get, not only a series of videos and materials to learn Spanish for beginners at your own pace, but also an experienced and friendly native Spanish teacher that is eager to answer questions and help in the Q&A area. For me, that's priceless."

Eden (Spanish student)

If you're serious about speaking Spanish, you need to build your knowledge and skills on a solid ground. This is my obsession behind this Spanish for Beginners course.

The traditional and old way of teaching languages used to focus mainly on grammar and syntax rules, using memory and repetition. On the other hand, nowadays, we are flooded with language courses claiming to get straight to the point and teach you only what you need. Fast and easy, as they say...

The old method missed the point that language is meant to be spoken and used in real life. The new so-called "conversational" courses for beginners miss the point that knowing a bunch of common situations sentences and words (which you have to memorize) can hardly be considered as speaking and understanding a language.

Think about music.

You wouldn't call someone a musician if he/she is great with music scores but cannot hold an instrument. And neither would you if someone plays by heart some tunes but is pretty lost outside those tunes.

Spanish for Ambitious Beginners

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Course Instructor - Joseph De la paz

joseph de la paz
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A Spanish teacher and coach with 12 years of experience helping students to communicate in Spanish. Born in Barcelona, I started my teaching career at Berlitz. After moving to Tel-Aviv, I was recruited by the Instituto de Amistad Americana, where I taught thousands of lessons to groups, Hi-Tech companies, private students and other future Spanish teachers. I am also an author, podcaster and musician, as well as the happy father of two girls.

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