YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0

How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing on YouTube for Monthly Income
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Course Outline

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Section 1: YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0 - 03:38 [Play]

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners - 11:30

What is Content Marketing? What is Affiliate Marketing? - 02:41

You Don't Need to Get on Camera to Succeed with This - 05:45

Course Overview - 09:01 [Play]

Top 10 Affiliate Networks for Beginners - 07:39 [Play]

You Can Also use CPA Links to make money also! - 03:26

What's the Difference Between CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing - 04:56

Top 10 CPA Networks for Beginners - 02:43

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel Walk Through Tutorial - 14:24 [Play]

5 Ways to Come up with Content Ideas for YouTube - 16:46 [Play]

Other Ways You Can Put Out Content to Make Money with This - 08:56

Start a Video with an Affiliate Link in Mind - 04:00 [Play]

You'll Make More Commission with Specialized Affiliate Links and Products - 10:03

How to Find Good Affiliate Links for Your Niche - 12:24

How to Screen Record Content and Make Videos - 07:58 [Play]

The 3 Main Ways You Can Record Videos - 06:50

The Best Starter Equipment for New YouTubers - 19:06

Another Great Way to Record Amazing Videos Easily - 03:34

How to Upload a YouTube Video Properly for More Views - 01:43 [Play]

Evergreen Titles & Keyword Research - 08:22

YouTube Descriptions - 07:11

Links in Your Description - 04:37

YouTube Tags - 04:46

Thumbnail Secrets - 06:17

Closed Captions & Subtitles for More Keywords & Info - 02:44

End Screens & Cards - 06:40

Adding to Relevant Playlists - 02:53

Other Simple Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Videos When You're Just Starting - 04:44 [Play]

How to Consistently Make $1,000 a Month with Affiliate Marketing and Content - 18:21

How Much Money Can You Actually Make with Amazon Associates Links on YouTube - 11:44

Why Click-Through-Rate is Important and How to Improve it with Thumbnails - 02:03 [Play]

How to Make a Professional Thumbnail Quickly - 01:08

Best Software Programs to Achieve High Quality Thumbnails - 00:39

Identifying Your Background & Image Theme - 02:15

Resizing Your Image & Bringing it to Life - 05:43

Layering, Quick Select, & Branding - 06:58

Overlaying Text That Looks Great - 07:32

Ordering Layers & Saving Your Picture with Metadata - 03:28

How to Create Thumbnails Using Canva - 05:08

How to Use Canva to Create Images for Social Media and YouTube Thumbnails - 06:51

COURSE ASSIGNMENT: How to Apply What You've Learned - 02:11

More Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel - 00:57 [Play]

Niche Down - 03:58

Coming Up with Content Ideas that Will Work - 14:25

Quality vs. Quantity on YouTube - 02:44

Do You Need an Upload Schedule - 07:36

Why You Should NOT Clickbait - 05:34

Broad vs. Niche Videos - 06:20

Front Load Your Keywords for Maximum Results - 08:43

How to Rank Videos with the YouTube Algorithm - 22:26

Don't Buy Subs, Don't Buy Views, Don't Buy Likes, etc... - 04:31

Multiple Ad Breaks on Your Videos for More Revenue - 09:28

Say Your Keyword Phrases - 10:30

Ask Them to Subscribe - 09:49

Respond to All YouTube Comments - 03:22

Should You Script Your Videos - 08:29

3 Things You Can NOT Overlook on YouTube - 06:49

Tips for More Ad Revenue - 09:45

Have Fun - 01:15

How to Post Your Videos to Facebook to Make Extra Affiliate Commission - 04:07 [Play]

How to Monetize Your Videos on Facebook with Facebook Creator Studio - 05:15

Creating Mini Courses and Adding Relevant Affiliate Links for Commission - 05:19 [Play]

How to Turn Playlists to Courses - 06:35

Disclaimer - 06:35

How to Turn it into a Free Course - 03:37

How to Turn it into a Paid Course - 02:36

Another Disclaimer - 02:36

Importance of Re-purposing Content & Why You Should - 03:02

Multiple YouTube Accounts for Many Income Streams - 15:36

Why Posting to IGTV Will Make You More Affiliate Commission - 02:48 [Play]

Do You Need to Create Vertical Videos - 02:21

How to Upload a Video to IGTV - 05:05

How to Format IGTV Thumbnails - 04:50

Mass Uploading Drafts & Sharing to Your Story - 02:05

Target Following Hashtags Automatically to Gain Exposure - 05:02

How to Monetize Your IGTV Videos - 02:13

How to Post Your Videos to a Blog to Make Extra Affiliate Commission - 05:04 [Play]

You Can Also Convert Your Videos to Audio Files & Upload them as a Podcast - 03:00 [Play]

Why Should You Start a Podcast - 03:37

Why Use Anchor? - 02:43

How to Setup Your Anchor Account - 06:14

The Different Ways to Record Your Podcast - 05:21

How to Strip Audio from Video Content for Your Podcast - 02:59

Uploading Your Podcast Episode & Placing Mid Roll Ads - 02:16

Activating Sponsorships - 04:49

Activating Listener Support - 03:44

Tips to Make More Money on Anchor - 04:56

Turning Other Content into Podcast Episodes - 03:30

How to Grow Your Podcast - 04:34

Recommended Audio Upgrades as You Scale Your Podcast - 02:47

How to Make More Money with the Same Videos on Amazon Prime Video - 01:57 [Play]

How Much Can You Make Uploading Videos to Prime Video Direct - 04:09

Repurpose Content or Make New Content for Prime Video Direct - 02:57

Standalone vs. Episodic - 04:20

Images for Thumbnails - 14:51

Downloading SRT Files & Uploading Captions - 03:34

Important Things to Focus on When Creating Content for this Platform - 02:17

How to Upload Videos to Amazon Video Direct Tutorial - 08:48

Why the Difficult Barrier to Entry is a Good Thing - 02:16

How to Scale - 02:01

Why This is Such a Huge Opportunity - 03:04

Amazon Video Direct Terms of Service - 02:47

Amazon Prime Video Ratings Update - 01:11

Charge for Your Amazon Videos - 02:04

Why Learning How to Edit Better with Shotcut Will Help You - 01:53 [Play]

Why Editing Software is Important - 04:10

Best Way to Start - 01:30

Adding Files & Ordering Files - 05:32

Syncing an Audio File with Your Video File - 06:32

Cutting Example #1 - 06:04

Cutting Example #2 - 04:20

Layering Different Video & Audio Tracks - 06:23

Adjusting Sound Volume, Brightness, Contrast, etc... - 02:20

Adding Transitions - 03:11

Adding Music & Sound Effects & Where to Get Them - 06:28

Hiding & Muting Certain Tracks - 02:24

How to Add B Roll & the Importance of B Roll - 05:12

Recommend Render & Export Settings - 02:34

Using Playlists for Easier Workflow - 01:05

One of the Benefits of Shotcut that NO OTHER Editing Software Has - 02:01

Why Learning How to Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro Can Help You - 01:51 [Play]

Get Adobe Premiere Pro CC Here - 01:51

Why Editing Software is Important - 05:37

Adding Files & Order Files for Your Workflow - 03:58

Synced Audio vs. Adding a Video File & Audio File Separately - 02:18

Cutting & Editing Your Video File - 09:34

Effects Only Apply to That Section - 01:54

Layering Different Video & Audio Tracks - 06:44

Unlinking Audio & Video - 01:41

Adding Text - 06:25

Adding Transitions - 04:20

Video Effects - 01:44

Stretching Screen Size, Emphasizing Certain Parts of a Video, & Formatting Video - 05:55

Where to Get Audio & Sound Effects & How to Add Them - 06:07

Adjusting Volume on Audio or Sound Effects - 02:49

Speeding Up a Portion of a Video - 03:12

Adding Lower Thirds & Graphics - 02:35

How to Adjust Color, Saturation, & Distort a Video - 01:34

Importance of B Roll & Keeping Audience Engaged Visually - 05:08

Adding Keyframe & Jumpcuts to Keep the Audience Engaged - 06:26

Color Grading & Brightening Videos - 04:00

Recommend Render & Export Settings - 02:55

You Can Download Each File for Listening on the Go! - 02:55 [Play]

Are You Allowed to Put Affiliate Links in YouTube Videos - 01:09

Do Amazon Affiliate Links Expire - 01:15

Do You Need an Affiliate Disclaimer on YouTube Videos - 00:54

Does YouTube Throttle Traffic to Videos with Affiliate Links - 01:51

How to Create Thumbnails for YouTube Videos - 01:59

How to Find the Best Affiliate Links for your YouTube Videos - 02:19

How to Make Money on YouTube with Creative Commons & Affiliate Marketing - 01:46

Should You Run Ads to Affiliate Marketing Offers - 01:10

The Best Advice for Recording Videos from a Phone for Beginners - 03:43

Tips to Find the Best Affiliate Links for Your Niche on YouTube - 03:22

What are the Requirements to Monetize a YouTube Channel - 01:11

Did I Forget Something? Do You Have a Specific Question? - 01:11

Course Description

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest Businesses to start, grow, & scale. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Together they're a massive opportunity for you & I to make money.

With Affiliate Marketing, you can get paid a commission to recommend products other companies sell. You don't need any inventory, any products of your own, & you don't need to worry about not being profitable. Everything you make will be 100% profit!

The key to being successful with Affiliate Marketing is getting enough of the right people to see your links. Because if you can put your product recommendations in front of enough people interested in them, you'll make a considerable amount of money. And really, everyone wins. The customer wins because they get a product or service they wanted. The company wins because they get a free sale. And most importantly, you win because you get paid for the recommendation!

That's why the power of YouTube is a perfect match for Affiliate Marketers. You can find Affiliate products to promote, then make videos on them, then rank them on YouTube (where there's millions & millions of viewers every day already searching for topics), & use the organic traffic to make money over & over again from your videos & affiliate links.

It's really that simple. Don't believe me? I challenge you to enroll in YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2.0 & see for yourself.

If you can create content promoting affiliate products, optimize your videos for maximum views, and then replicate that process over and over again, that's a massive winning formula.

Enroll now and let me show you the ins and outs of how to combine Affiliate Marketing with YouTube to make a lot of money.

Major Course Updates: Because this is a Best Selling Course on Udemy, I wanted to make sure students like you get the best course I could possibly put out on this. I have added hours of new lectures that will help you not only make money & understand this business as a beginner, but also scale it up & master it as a full time affiliate marketer.

Keep in mind all of this is relevant & tied into making more money with Affiliate Marketing. The Course primarily focuses on teaching YouTube as the primary driver of traffic to your affiliate links, but you can also monetize in even more places so I wanted to include those too!

Now, in the new update, you'll learn everything I know on...

  • Content Marketing & using video across many different platforms to make money with Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube SEO & ranking videos on YouTube so you get organic traffic (more affiliate link clicks & more money for you)
  • Facebook Video Creation & Marketing (another platform you can post your videos to & earn extra affiliate commission for videos you've already created)
  • Instagram Video Creation, IGTV, & Instagram Marketing (another platform you can post your videos to & earn extra affiliate commission for videos you've already created)
  • Blogging your videos for more traffic to your links (another platform you can post your videos to & earn extra affiliate commission for videos you've already created)
  • How to edit videos (both free & paid editing software taught) so you can put out really engaging & high quality videos that will bring more traffic to your affiliate links How to create professional thumbnails in 4 simple steps (a full tutorial)
  • And many many more things

This is arguably the most valuable & intensive Course I have ever put together. I challenge you to enroll & see for yourself. Remember Udemy has a complete 30 day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. But I'm willing to bet you will be...

See you in there!


YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0

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