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Course Outline

A comprehensive list of all sections & lectures for this course can be found below.

Course Welcome & Overview

Course Welcome & Overview - 21:00 [Play]

Udemy Business Model Overview - 12:01

Picking the Right Niche - 04:54 [Play]

Why Udemy - 09:33

How Much Can You Expect to Make - 17:50

Start Your Course with This to Double Your Profit - 11:52 [Play]

What Subjects to Start Courses on - 09:13

The General Way Courses are Filmed - 08:48

How to Film Better Videos & Course Lectures with a Teleprompter - 03:34

Importance of Scripting, Outlining, & Overview for Courses - 07:36

Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them (Part 1) - 19:08 [Play]

Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them (Part 2) - 14:58

Uploading Courses & Optimizing Them (Part 3) - 19:44

Utilize Bonus Lectures to Your Advantage - 05:06

Getting More Students into Your Course - 18:29 [Play]

Getting Reviews & the Importance of Ratings - 04:02

Course Sales & Price - 12:07

Udemy Promotions & How They Benefit You - 08:11

How & Why to Push Your Own Coupon Codes - 08:02

Maintaining Good Relationships - 09:18 [Play]

Building a Brand & an Email List - 04:22

Things to Remember About the Most Successful Courses - 07:51 [Play]

How to Target Specific Course Opportunities for More Revenue - 12:38

Promo Video to Prompt More Sales from Your Landing Page - 09:39

My Formula for a Promo Video & Importance of Updating Your Course for New S - 04:16

Develop a Test Group - 02:55

Respond to Reviews - 08:16

Increasing Watch Time & the Best Approach for Courses - 07:37

Educational vs. Promotional Announcements & How to Use Each - 20:32 [Play]

Benefits & Drawbacks of Free Coupon Codes - 02:52

Appealing to a Broad Market for More Sales - 02:48

Have Goals in Mind & Stay Consistent - 08:37

The Compound Effect - 03:46

Recommend Lecture Length & Speaking Speed - 06:26

Importance of Great Course Thumbnails - 16:14

Rank Your Course then Collect Organic & Promotional Sales - 01:22

Continue Updating & Adding Lectures - 01:43

Rinse, Repeat, & Scale - 02:31

Adding Quizzes to Your Course & Udemy Promotion Link Update - 06:30 [Play]

12 Ways to Turn Your Skills into Substantial Passive Income Every Month - 06:30

Course Wrap Up & Questions - 02:23 [Play]

Course Description

At the time of creating this Course, I'm approaching 250,000 Udemy students.

I've been teaching full time on Udemy for over 2 years now & it's my primary source of income...yes, Passive Income.

But this isn't about me. It's about you.

It's about what you could have if you realized the potential teaching on Udemy could provide for your life & loved ones.

This is NOT some basic Course that's going to tell you slap up a Udemy Course & you too can make money.

This is LITERALLY everything I know on creating Udemy Courses that will sell well, optimizing them for search & suggested on Udemy (& google), ranking them against competing Courses on that subject, & the best part....collecting the Passive Income that provides.

This NOT your typical Udemy Course. I spent over 3 months organizing this Course into a well thought out & organized outline that I believe would be the best way to present this information to you so you can see the same success I have on Udemy.

I put the information & lectures into the exact order that I felt would give you the best understanding & chance to replicate my results.

If you take this Course, you can expect the tools & strategies to become a successful Udemy Instructor spoon fed to you. I know this can change your life & your income...just like it did for me!

I challenge you to enroll in The Complete Udemy Instructor Mastermind today.

Remember, there's a full 30 day money back guarantee on Udemy. So, if you're not fully satisfied with what's in this Course, simply return the Course for a full refund.

I'm 100% confident that once you hop into the information, you won't want to return it though. Because you'll recognize the value in every single lecture & you'll want to keep it as a reference to measure your own Courses against.

You have nothing to lose but time. Enroll today & start generating Passive Income with ranked Udemy Courses tomorrow.

The Complete Udemy Instructor Mastermind

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Thanks for stopping by! I am the Founder of Invert Media. I have expertise in eCommerce, Online Marketing, & Customer Acquisition. If you have questions in any of these areas, feel free to connect and get in touch! About Invert Media Invert Media is an Online Education Company that specializes in Information Products to help aspiring Entrepreneurs. Invert directly stands for "going in the opposite direction as." And that is exactly what we aim to do with our products, services, & customer relationships. In today's Online landscape, 99.9% of Businesses are playing the short game. They're trying to monetize their audience the quickest & milk every last dollar out of each customer. Likewise, most Entrepreneurs are looking for a "shortcut" or some magical "funnel" that will automate their Business so they don't have to work. They want more for doing less. But in a world full of short term gratification seekers, we're thinking in Decades. If you look across the board at some of the most successful companies in the world, they usually have two things in common (a relentless focus on customers & long term thinking). Businesses are built one customer at a time & we know this. That's why we not only spend extra time ensuring our products are easy to use, but we're also in the DMs, the emails, & the comment sections engaging with our customers to make sure they're getting the most out of our products. We don't just want to deliver a great customer experience, we want to make sure our customers succeed.

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