Sales 2.0 - Sell the Current Customer Easily

Pitch Today's Customer by Solving Current Problems. Avoid Outdated Tactics.
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Sales 2.0 - Sell the Current Customer Easily.

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Course Outline

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Introduction - 03:05 [Play]

Restore Your Powerbase - 06:00 [Play]

Don't Ignore Customer Complaints - 03:36

Always Agree with the Customer - 03:38

Validate Your Claims to the Customer in Writing - 02:43

Your Customer Service - 04:28

The Issue is NOT Your Price - 01:49

The Easiest Sale You Will Ever Make - 02:22

We're All in the People Business - 01:46

Good Quality Questions - 02:12

Problems are Opportunities - 02:17

Find Common Ground - 02:39

The Greeting Process - 01:37

Give to Get - 00:47

Move Right Past Objections - 01:41

Ways I Move Past Objections in My Business - 06:05

Ways to Handle Price Objections - 03:02

Sell Yourself First - 02:57

When the Customer Declines your Pitch - 03:53

Frame Your Customer - 03:36

Get Your Customer to Contact You - 03:16

Put the Responsibility Back on the Customer - 03:31

Don't Fail the Customer - 00:42

Urgency & Scarcity - 04:04

Differentiate from Other Sales People - 03:24

What Does the Customer REALLY Want - 00:56

How Will Your Product Make the Customer FEEL - 00:52

Biggest Mistake Sales People Make - 00:36

Prequalify Customers First - 04:43

Using Pricing Choices to Sell More - 03:39

Cost of NOT Purchasing - 04:09

The Perfect Elevator Pitch - 06:57

Statement of Intentions - 04:06

4 Things to NEVER Say to Customers - 01:55

I Can't Afford it - 01:03

Supply & Demand - 01:24

Congratulate your Customers - 00:29

Belief in your Product - 01:29

Sell Emotion - 01:56

The Perfect Close - 02:00

Course Wrap Up - 01:28 [Play]

Course Description

A good salesperson doesn’t sell with words, persuasion, & manipulation. A good salesperson sells by listening, identifying the customers problems & pain points, & then finding the exact product/service that solves that problem.

In sales, you don’t win by selling the customer on your product. It’s not a one sided affair. A true salesperson understands that both sides should win. The customer wins because you were able to solve their problem & rid them of their pain point…and they compensated you for that accordingly.

Your goal should NOT be to sell someone. It should be to make them WANT to buy.

Unfortunately, most sales courses & training out there are outdated. They teach old tactics that only apply to door to door sales or car salesmen.

The salesperson of THIS DECADE is often neither of those.

The salesperson today not only needs to understand what’s tried & true from the great sales strategies of the past, but also how those apply to current business models & online customers too.

The salesperson of THIS DECADE can no longer rely on outdated information that doesn’t apply to current businesses & current markets if they want to make any kind of impact or money.

So, if you’re ready to learn the tried & true sales techniques from best former salespeople, as well as new sales tactics that ACTUALLY apply to customers today this Course is for you.

You'll learn innovative sales strategies to help you pre-qualify potential customers by using current platforms. You'll understand how to interact with customers today & build their trust. You'll learn to leverage algorithms to spoon feed your business prospects, all while mastering the techniques that have already been proven. Enroll now.

Sales 2.0 - Sell the Current Customer Easily

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