Entrepreneurship 101

Business Strategies that ACTUALLY Work - Top Entrepreneurs & CEO\'s
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Course Outline

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Welcome & Overview

Course Overview - 02:34 [Play]

Goal Setting Strategies that Will Light Your Fire - 10:20 [Play]

The Opposite of Focus - 04:37

Taking Inventory - 07:42

Building Momentum - 06:05

Physical Health - 01:17

The #1 Mistake ALL Entrepreneurs Make - 06:39

Focus on the Long Game - 05:44

Stay Broke - 05:51

Building a Network - 03:00

Never Stop Learning - 03:40

Diversifying - 04:11

More on Diversification - 04:22

Years vs. Decades - 03:13

Avoid Debt - 01:42

Flywheel Strategy - 06:38

The Compound Effect - 06:46

Reverse Engineer Your Business Components - 10:01

Eating Your Customers Pain & Complexity - 07:31

Don't Stare at the Summit - 05:07

Thank You - 00:51 [Play]

Bonus Lecture - 00:51

Course Description

All Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners are doers & action takers at heart.

You see an idea or a Business that speaks to you & you want to see it come to fruition. It's in your DNA.

Many Entrepreneurs & Business Owners have no problem working long & hard, if it's what they believe it takes to reach their goals.

But what if you worked relentlessly for years...only to find out that your "ladder" was leaning up against the wrong "wall." That would be pretty disheartening. & I unfortunately see it all too often.

You can look around today & see everyone competing for the currency that is "attention." But, 9 out of every 10 Businesses fail.

So the last thing you want to do is model what you see around you. Even if those you're watching seem to be "successful."

You want to make sure you have the basics down first. You want to make sure your mindset & approach to Business is one that will ensure your success...not just for a little while, but for the long haul.

If you're serious about growing a Business (Online or Brick & Mortar) or you want the Freedom Entrepreneurship provides, I invite you to Enroll in the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mindsets for Success Course.

These are Business Strategies that ACTUALLY WORK from the Top Entrepreneurs & CEO's in the world today.

Remember, Udemy has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If this Course doesn't completely blow you away, return it. Get your money back!

But, I have a feeling you'll come out the other end with a different mindset. One that will ensure your Business's survival & success for the next few decades.

Enroll in the Course today. I look forward to seeing you in there & networking with another great Business Owner/Entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship 101

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Course Instructor - Bryan Guerra

bryan guerra
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