How to Start a Podcast

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How to Start a Podcast.

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Course Outline

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Intro to Podcasting

Introduction - 04:27 [Play]

Why You Should Start a Podcast - 03:37

Why Use Anchor? - 02:43

How to Setup Your Anchor Account - 06:14

The Different Ways to Record Your Podcast - 05:21

How to Strip Audio from Video Content for Your Podcast - 02:59

Uploading Your Podcast Episode & Placing Mid Roll Ads - 02:16

Activating Sponsorships - 04:49 [Play]

Activating Listener Support - 03:44

How to Make More Money with Your Podcast - 04:56

Turning Other Content into Podcast Episodes - 03:30

How to Grow Your Podcast - 04:34

Recommended Audio Upgrades as You Scale Your Podcast - 02:47

Course Wrap Up - 01:10 [Play]

Bonus Lecture [Download] - 01:10

Course Description

Audio is here. It's taking over. And this is your opportunity to catch the audio wave while it's still small.

The Audio Content Industry has grown exponentially over the past few years & it will grow even more over the next few. There is literally no better time to start a podcast.

You can benefit from starting a podcast to grow your business, you can build a personal brand off the back of it & start working for yourself, or you can simply use it as a way to get more exposure for your company or your brand.

There's many benefits to starting a podcast, but one thing is certainly true....The time of the podcast is here. More and more people all over the world are opting to get their information & entertainment from audio because it's convenient, free, & they see other people hopping on the trend too.

Now, you might be saying, "that's great, but I don't know anything about starting a Podcast or recording of any kind." Introduce Anchor...

Anchor solves all these problems for you & me (it's where I have my podcast hosted, as well). With Anchor you don't need any money or any experience to start. You don't need to know anything about starting a podcast either.

Ultimately, the Anchor platform will simplify the process for you. It's completely free, provides you with all the creation tools you need to start & scale your podcast right from home, & will allow you to monetize today.

It will also distribute your podcast to all the major podcasting platforms for you automatically. There's literally no better time to start...& no better platform to start on.

Enroll in the How to Start & Grow a Podcast with Anchor Course today & leverage the next big trend while there's still a ridiculous opportunity for new audio creators.

How to Start a Podcast

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