Persuasive Writing Ft. Two Forbes Contributors & Copywriters

Forbes Contributors Renee Sylvestre-Williams & Matthew Rolnick offer a Comprehensive Guide to Persuasive Copywriting
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Persuasive Writing Ft. Two Forbes Contributors & Copywriters.

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Course Outline

A comprehensive list of all sections & lectures for this course can be found below.

Section 2 - The Personal Journey of Writing

Introduction - 00:22 [Play]

Are you a Writer? - 00:41

You're an Observer of Life - 00:40

You're Always Analyzing This...and That - 01:02

You Live to Write Another Day - 01:12

You Have Doubts - 00:51

You have an Ongoing Love Affair With Books - 00:29

You're a Lifelong Collector of Tales - 00:56

You Need Space - 01:12

What Defines a Writer - 00:54

Constancy or Committed - 00:21

Tenacity and Determination - 01:05

Hunger and Passion - 00:34

A Missive or Tenor - 00:35

Introduction - 02:34 [Play]

The Closet Writer - 02:09

The Eternal Writer - 01:38

The Hesitant Writer - 01:48

The Innovative Writer - 01:24

The Inspired Writer - 01:24

The Literate Writer - 01:33

The Logical Writer - 01:17

The Savvy Writer - 01:45

Introduction - 00:33 [Play]

Perspectives of the Exceptional Writer - 00:24

Worst Case Scenario - 00:57

Don%u2019t be a People Pleaser - 00:54

Writing is for an Audience of One - 01:09

Writing in your Own Voice is Crucial - 00:39

Your Own Created Space - 00:44

Avoid Pretense - 00:59

Introduction - 00:39 [Play]

Importance of Reading - 01:05

Define your Audience - 01:13

Get Inspired - 00:30

Write Daily - 00:56

Rewrite - 01:08

Challenge Yourself - 01:19

Introduction - 00:42 [Play]

Don't be Obsessed with Grammar - 00:28

Conquer the Art of Description - 01:18

Limit Background Information - 00:31

Be Relatable - 00:38

Take Risks - 00:36

Writing is Telepathic - 00:27

Be Serious - 00:37

Set Deadlines - 00:28

Re-Evaluate Your Work - 00:50

Feel Good and Be Good - 00:21

Introduction - 00:38 [Play]

A Lackadaisical Attitude - 00:54

Feeling Entitled - 00:40

Romanticizing the Writing Craft - 00:55

Fearing Marketing - 01:02

An Unreasonable Timeline - 01:11

Expecting an 'Easy-Bake' Outline - 00:59

Writer's Envy - 00:56

A Need for Approval - 01:00

Download - 01:00 [Play]

Q&A Introduction to Renee Sylvestre-Williams - 02:03 [Play]

Meet Renee - 00:55

Renee's Hobbies and Interests - 03:03

The Evolution of Renee's Work Life - 00:43

Renee's Passion for Writing - 07:30

Content Strategy as a Career Path - 01:26

The Implications of SEO and Keywords - 01:01

How does a Writer go Viral? - 00:48

Ranking Content in Search Engines - 01:29

Getting Published - 01:50

Press Distribution (PR Web, PR Newswire) - 02:28

Renee's most Memorable Experiences - 00:53

Renee's Sources of Inspiration - 00:39

Written vs. Video Content - 01:17

Thoughts on Paid Advertising - 00:21

Components of Good Quality Web Content - 01:16

Deciding on a Topic or Subject - 00:50

Does Tone Matter? - 02:13

Are CMS' effective? - 00:41

Gauging Success - 00:37

How to Promote Content - 01:13

Blog Post vs. Article - 01:31

Content Writing vs. Copywriting - 00:57

Making Content Unique - 01:27

What is Writer's Block? - 04:23

Does Writing Get Repetitive? - 02:47

Renee's Passion for Reading - 04:28

What is "Storytelling"? - 06:36

Mechanics of Strategy - 05:21

Is Blogging Lucrative? - 00:24

Renee's Role as a Finance Columnist - 03:52

Renee's Professional Hurdles - 02:06

Content Strategy for Big vs. Small Brands - 02:14

Five Strengths and Weaknesses as a Content Strategist - 03:40

Handling Feedback and Criticism - 01:19

Working as Part of a Team vs. Independently - 00:56

Introvert vs. Extrovert - 01:18

Finding Inspiration for Content - 00:58

Renee's Career Aspirations - 01:14

Advice for Aspiring Writers - 00:50

Going back in Time - 01:21

Top Three Content Marketing Strategies for Long-term Growth - 01:14

Thoughts on Google Trends - 01:41

Targeting a Global Audience - 01:27

Ethically Policing Social Media Content - 01:40

Sparking Curiosity with the First Sentence - 02:08

Thoughts on Infographics as the new King of Content - 02:32

Social Media, Email. & SEO for Driving Sales - 01:27

The Importance of Research before Publishing - 01:59

Defining a Call-to-Action - 00:47

Ideal Length for Content - 02:25

10 Words that Trigger an Emotional Reaction - 02:25

Importance of Crediting a Source - 03:07

Q&A Introduction to Matthew Rolnick - 03:00 [Play]

Matthew Rolnick: Contributor and Council Member at Forbes - 00:41

Matthew's role as VP of Sales at Yaymaker - 00:46

Matthew's main area of Focus as a Content Writer - 00:20

Hooking your Reader, as a Writer - 00:21

Defining "Copywriting" - 00:21

Persuasive Writing Tips for Selling - 00:22

Examples of Effective Copy - 01:44

Building an Emotional Connection with the Reader - 03:39

Defining a "Call-to-Action" with Examples - 01:49

The importance of a Headline and Examples - 02:34

Tips on writing News Worthy articles - 00:34

10 Keyword Formulas that Trigger a Response - 01:14

Writing "Viral" Content - 02:42

Defining AIDA & Examples - 03:23

Elements of an Offer with High Conversion Rates - 01:55

The Effectiveness of Deep Discounts in Copy - 00:53

Defining Social Proof and Use Cases - 02:40

The Concept of "Scarcity" & "Urgency" in Copy - 01:22

Using the "Storytelling" Approach in Copy - 01:57

The Importance of Building Reader Profiles - 01:33

Building a Relationship in less than 200 Words - 00:38

The "PAS" Copywriting Formula - Problem, Agitate, Solution - 01:16

The "IDCA" Copywriting Formula - Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action - 02:07

The "ACCA" Copywriting Formula - Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action - 01:15

The "FAB" Copywriting Formula - Features, Advantages, Benefits - 02:59

The "4 P's" Copywriting Formula - Promise, Picture, Proof, Push - 01:31

Additional Writing Tips from Matthew Rolnick - 08:56

Introduction to Copywriting Sections of the Course - 01:37 [Play]

Introduction - 01:09 [Play]

"Who Else Wants..." Formula - 01:19

"The Secret of..." Formula - 01:15

The "Method, Target and Benefit" Formula - 01:03

"Little-Known Ways to..." Formula - 00:58

"Get Rid of [Problem] Once and For All" Formula - 00:59

"Here's a Quick Way to [Solve a problem]' Formula - 01:19

"Now You Can Have/Do Something Desirable/Great Circumstance" Formula - 00:55

The "[Do something] Like [World-class example]" Formula - 00:56

The "[Have a /Build a]...You Can Be Proud Of" Formula - 00:46

The "What Everybody Ought to Know About..." Formula - 00:56

The "[number] [item][persona] Will Love (Hint: [statement])" Formula - 01:36

The "How To [action] When [statement]: [persona] Edition" Formula - 01:03

The "[persona]-Friendly Guide To [activity] (statement)" Formula - 01:10

The "Why I Got [action]: Every [persona] Should Be Aware Of [statement]" Formula - 01:13

The "[number] Ways To [action] Your [blank] Without Having To.." Formula - 01:48

The "[number] Signs [action] (Don%u2019t Worry: [statement])" Formula - 01:12

The "[action] For [time] [result]" Formula - 00:56

The "Even The [persona] Can [action] [statement]" Formula - 01:03

The "[power word] Your [persona] At [activity] [result]" Formula - 00:53

The "We [verb] [object]: Here%u2019s What We Learned" Formula - 01:15

Introduction - 00:26 [Play]

The AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action Formula - 01:59

The PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution Formula - 03:10

The IDCA: Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action Formula - 02:25

The ACCA: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action Formula - 03:09

The AIDPPC: Attention, Interest, Description, Persuasion, Proof, Close Formula - 03:56

The AAPPA: Attention, Advantage, Proof, Persuasion, Action Formula - 04:58

The PPPP: Picture, Promise, Prove, Push Formula - 03:50

The QUEST: Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate/Sell, Transition Formula - 04:55

The AICPBSAWN Formula - 04:09

The PASTOR: Problem, Amplify, Story, Transformation, Offer, Response Formula - 03:12

The FACE: Familiar, Audience, Cost, Education Formula - 02:57

Introduction - 00:35 [Play]

The TPSC: Text, Placement, Size, Color Formula - 01:42

The Elements Of An Offer Formula - 02:03

The RAD: Require, Acquire, Desire Formula - 02:08

The "I Want Button" Formula - 01:19

The "Get...Formula" - 01:02

Introduction - 00:28 [Play]

The Report Formula - 01:58

The Data Formula - 00:55

The How-To Formula - 02:26

The Inquiry Formula - 00:49

The Endorsement Formula - 02:11

The This/That Formula - 00:33

The Shorty Formula - 00:32

Introduction - 05:08 [Play]

Course Description

What has the power to spark revolutions, empower people, express thoughts, emotions, love, hate, and fear, and is only bound by the limits of our imagination? – Words. Words are undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that mankind possesses. However, mastering the art of articulating thoughts into meaningful written expressions, is no simple undertaking. If done correctly, words can be used as a mechanism of persuasion. Words can be used to further career goals, relationships, business goals, and just about any other facet of life. The focal point of this course is to provide a theoretical and practical guide to the mechanics behind persuasive writing. In other words, writing with a purpose, or intent. One of the most prevalent forms of persuasive writing is found in copywriting. Copywriting is best defined as the usage of written text for the purpose of marketing, sales, or advertising. Well written sales copy, will ultimately persuade a person or group of people to take a particular action.

This course offers a comprehensive guide to persuasive writing. It also aims to inspire your writing journey and identify your purpose as a writer. We start with a theoretical overview of the characteristics of an exceptional writer, including identifying your core strengths and weaknesses. From there we dive into a practical guide to persuasive writing using a number of industry standard copywriting formulas. The instruction will be led by several hands-on exercises and examples that will help solidify the concepts we explore.

With this course, you can learn the writing craft with confidence, as several of the modules are authored by self-published author, and freelance writer – Lissette Maduro. Lissette has an extensive background in writing in the health and wellness space, inspired by her experience working as a family physician and medical advisor. She has also made contributions to the Tech and travel writing arena as she enjoys learning about new developments and is an avid traveler. Lissette holds a Doctor of Medicine Degree from the American University of Integrative Sciences. She also has a B.S. in Medical Technology from Oakwood University.

Another great feature of this course, is that you have an opportunity to gain exclusive insights directly from two Forbes columnists, who participated with YouAccel in a comprehensive Q&A session on content writing and strategy.

The first session is with Renee Sylvestre-Williams of -30- Communications.

Renee is one of the most prolific content strategists in the corporate world, whose client list includes some of the most distinguished brands in North America. This includes Deloitte, American Express, CIBC, Ceridian, Investors’ Group, and MD Financial

Equally as impressive as her client list, is her aptitude for steering content direction for multinational media conglomerates like Corus Entertainment, and TC Transcontinental. In her role as managing editor, Renee has provided leadership and strategic direction for major television networks and online publications like Slice Canada, Food Network, HGTV, ELLE Canada, Style At Home, and Canadian Living.

Renee has also been a key contributor for mainstream news publications like Forbes, CBC, The Globe & Mail, Canadian Business, TVO, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Global News, and Digital Trends.

As a results-driven strategist, Renee has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the realm of digital marketing and content strategy. Her key areas of specialization include strategy and content development for finance brands, targeted towards Gen Y, and millennials.

The second Q&A is conducted with Matthew Rolnick. Matthew is a Forbes council member, and contributing writer.

He is also the VP of sales at Yaymaker, and a former Divisional Sales Manager at Groupon. Yaymaker is best known for its in-venue and live virtual events, where they specialize in corporate team building. To date Yaymaker has hosted over 300,000 events, including paint “nites”, game shows, mixology classes, comedians, magicians, cooking classes, ukulele making classes and plant "nites". They also work with celebrities and a wide array of speakers for any topic.

Matthew loves writing business articles on Linkedin and continues to be published in Forbes where he shares insights on expert panels. His insights on copywriting provide tremendous value to aspiring business writers and journalists looking for guidance or mentorship.

The impact that words have on us as individuals and as a collective, is indisputable.

Writing has the power to comfort, heal, motivate and inspire.

Exceptional writing has resuscitated dying dreams, restored abused hope, rebuilt societies and recharted humanity┬┤s course.

This course will assist you in stepping up your writing craft to join the ranks of the next generation of wordsmiths that change the world.

Persuasive Writing Ft. Two Forbes Contributors & Copywriters

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