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Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass for Certification.

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Course Outline

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Intro and PowerPoint Tour

Is PowerPoint a $100 Billion Application - 03:09 [Play]

The PowerPoint Interface - 05:36

Create and Import a Presentation - 08:20 [Play]

Insert and Format Slides - 05:11

Headers, Footers, Slide Numbers - 03:53

Using Slide Masters - 06:41

Order and Group Slides - 04:23

Change Presentation Options - 08:06

Print a Presentation - 02:23

Present the Slide Deck - 06:41

Use the Presenter View - 05:19

Record Timings and Narration - 03:44

Insert & Format Text - 08:10 [Play]

Insert Shapes & Text Boxes - 05:17

Align Objects with Snap to Grid - 05:52

Ordering and Grouping Objects - 09:23

Insert and Format Images - 05:17

Insert & Format Tables - 07:25 [Play]

Insert and Format a Chart - 08:05

Embed Excel into a Slide - 01:47

Link to Excel Data - 04:05

Insert and Format Smart Art - 04:48

Insert and Manage Media - 07:35

Work with Transitions - 04:03 [Play]

Work with Animations - 07:02

Merge Slide Content - 09:12

Finalize Presentations - 08:45

The 729 Practice Exam - 01:17 [Play]

77-729 Practice Test Walkthrough - 19:28

Course Description

35 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day.*

Want yours to stand out? Want to avoid "bullet point hell?" Want to get certified in PowerPoint, guaranteed?

Then you've found the right course.

You'll pass the 77-729, or he pays for your retake exam.

Join author, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and bestselling instructor Brian Culp for a comprehensive tour of PowerPoint features and best practices. You'll learn essential slide deck skills, then build on that foundation, learning powerful, effective tips for building the perfect visual aid.

Brian has been giving presentation for over 15 years, having even spent two of those years learning PowerPoint at a company you may have heard of... Microsoft.  Now, he brings that expertise to some of the highest-rated Office courses on YouAccel.

There's a reason for the hundreds of five-star reviews.

  • "Excellent content!  Just what I was looking for to enhance productivity at the office." -Paige Popejoy
  • "Great personality and explained things well. Felt like he was at my desk explaining it to me."  -William Potts
  • "I can't believe how much I learned. The instructor is great and the lessons were so easy to follow." Sherie L.
  • "Very precise, clear and constructive." -Forent Sidler
  • "Perfect."  -Yvonne Belo

Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass for Certification is perfect for teachers making a point, for attorneys making a case, for students making the grade, or for sales pros making the pitch.

Most of all, it's perfect for busy people who don't have time to spare.

You'll learn by doing. By the second lesson, you'll be creating a new deck. By the end of the course, you'll have confidence about:

  • Managing slide text
  • Adding and editing photos
  • Adding links and cross references
  • Using guides to align slide content
  • Using and customizing the presenter view
  • Changing slide deck themes - for all slides on just a few
  • Working with Animations and Transitions
  • Adding narration to decks
  • Creating self-playing slideshows
  • Plus many more tips and tricks gathered over 15 years of presenting

There's nothing to lose, except creating another one of "those" presentations. (You know which ones we're talking about.) 

After completing this course you'll be able to tell your stories more powerfully, and more visually, than ever before. And you'll do it all in about the time it takes to watch a movie.

Best of all, you get ongoing support (yes, Brian answers all student questions, usually within in one business day), and are always covered by the YouAccel 30-Day refund policy.

Enroll now, and make your next presentation one in a million. Actually, more like one in 35 million. See you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Former House Speaker Paul Ryan. (Seriously, have you seen that guy's PowerPoints?)
  • Anyone who needs to give a presentation, and doesn't have much time.

Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass for Certification

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Course Instructor - Brian Culp

brian culp
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Over the course of 15 years, I've authored over 30 titles for publishers like O'Reilly, McGraw-Hill and Addison-Wesley. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I've spent countless hours teaching individuals and Fortune 500 companies - Microsoft, Sprint, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Budweiser. I've taught students ranging from beginners with Outlook, to veteran admins seeking MCSE Certification. Through it all, I've learned a lot, including this: learning doesn't have to be painful or boring.

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