Raspberry Pi for Beginners (Mac PC)

For PC & Mac User Compatible for Raspberry Pi 4, 3B , 3B, 3A , 2B, 2B v1.2, Ze
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Raspberry Pi for Beginners (Mac PC).

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Course Outline

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Course Overview - 02:31 [Play]

The story behind Raspberry Pi - 02:00

Project Overview - 02:39

Raspberry Pi Models - 04:03

Where to buy a Raspberry Pi. - 03:20

Technical details of the Raspberry Pi hardware. - 02:55

Standard programs of the Raspbian operating system. - 02:03

How to download the Operating System. - 02:52

You now know how to install the operating system with Etcher on the SD card. - 01:42

Install the operating system with NOOBS. - 02:30

How to get the Raspberry Pi Running with a Monitor. - 01:34

You learn how to use a Raspberry Pi without a monitor, mouse or keyboard. - 06:40

Backup the SD card and how to restore if necessary. - 01:15

How to Format a microSD card. - 02:16

Software Project Overview - 01:14

Install and Operate Pi-Hole - 06:23

Install and use Homebridge - 03:13

Install and use Webmin. - 02:11

Get to know the RetroPi game console and the Kodi media center. - 05:55

An Overview of Sensors and Modules that work with the Raspberry Pi. - 02:54

How to use the Camera module and Create Photos and Videos. - 04:29

Learn how to connect a moisturizing sensor to the Raspberry Pi and how to use it. - 04:42

Learn how to use a light sensor on the Raspberry Pi. - 02:08

Learn how to connect a laser module to the Raspberry Pi. - 03:43

Learn how to use the pre-installed program Scratch. - 10:24

Learn programming with the pre-installed program Thonny. - 03:50

Course Description

In this Raspberry Pi course for beginners you will learn everything you need to know about this cutting edge hardware. A step-by-step guide for a good and easy start with Raspberry Pi. You will learn all about the interfaces, technical details, installation and configuration of the operating system and smaller software and hardware based projects. Everything is explained in a way, that is easy to understand for an absolute Raspberry Pi beginner.

The 25 video lessons in detail:

  • What is a Raspberry PI?

  • What exciting Raspberry Pi projects already exist?

  • Which Raspberry Pi models are available and which is the right one for me?

  • Where can I buy a Raspberry Pi accessories?

  • Technical data and interfaces of the Raspberry PI 3B

  • What can I do with a Raspberry Pi after the first start?

  • Downloading the Raspberry Pi and operating system

  • Installation of the operating system on the microSD card (for PC)

  • Installation of the operating system on the microSD card (for Mac)

  • Installing the operating system with NOOBS

  • Configure the Raspberry Pi with a monitor

  • Configure the Raspberry Pi without a monitor (headless installation)

  • microSD card backup & recovery

  • microSD card deletion (Mac PC)

  • Which software-based projects are available?

  • Software Project: PI-Hole as network-wide advertising blocker

  • Software Project: Homebridge (Example: Lamp Control)

  • Software Project: Webmin for system administration

  • Software project: RetroPi (game console) Kodi (media center)

  • Which sensors can I connect to the Raspberry Pi?

  • Which easy hardware-based projects are possible?

  • Hardware Project: Camera module

  • Hardware Project: Soil moisture module

  • Hardware Project: Light sensitivity module

  • Hardware Project: Laser beam module

  • Programming with Scratch

  • Programming with Thonny (Python)

Raspberry Pi for Beginners (Mac PC)

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Course Instructor - Axel Mammitzsch

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In his books and video courses he does not explain boring theory from experts for experts, but explains everything practice-oriented for beginners understandably and comprehensibly. More infos at https://www.raspi-config.com 

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