Microsoft Excel - Complete Guide for Certification

The Excel Masterclass. Get started with a career in data analysis by getting certified in Excel
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Microsoft Excel - Complete Guide for Certification.

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Course Outline

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Start Here. Excel for Complete Beginners

Course Intro and Goals - 02:33 [Play]

The Excel Interface - 05:30

Create and Manage Workbooks - 09:25

Data Entry Essentials - 06:26

Navigate Worksheets and Workbooks - 08:24 [Play]

Manage Columns, Rows, Sheets - 04:45

Change Sheet Order, Headers and Footers - 04:43

Hide and Unhide Columns, Rows, Sheets - 06:05

Change Views, Zoom, Properties - 06:15

Print area, repeating rows - 05:05

Inspect a Workbook - 05:51

Insert Data in Cells and Ranges - 06:50

Format Cells and Ranges - 07:52

Sparklines and Subtotals - 06:46

Conditional Formatting - 07:04

Create and Manage Tables - 07:41

Filter and Sort a Table - 05:53

Analyze Data with Formulas and Functions - 06:42

IF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF Functions - 06:34

UPPER, CONCAT, RIGHT Functions - 06:26

Create a Chart - 06:28

Format Charts - 06:19

Insert and Format Objects - 04:29

Using Templates and Macros - 08:50 [Play]

Use a Structured Reference - 07:38

Manage Workbook Review - 06:20

Custom Formatting, Currency, Dates - 07:28

Advanced Autofill - 04:09

Advanced Conditional Formatting - 07:39

Custom Themes and Styles - 05:27

Macro and Form Control - 07:24

Data Validation - 05:36

IF, AND, OR, NOT - 09:10



MATCH and INDEX - 09:02

NOW, TODAY, TEXT - 05:56

What if Analysis - 08:22

Troubleshoot Forumulas - 10:32

Manage Named Ranges - 07:11

Add Trendline and Secondary Axis - 07:10

Create Pivot Tables - 06:13


Drill Down with PivotCharts - 04:45

Course Description

Want the recognition (or salary increase) that comes with Microsoft certification?

Looking for a career in data and wondering where to begin?

Then start here.

Join author, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and bestselling instructor Brian Culp for a comprehensive look at the skills that will get you up to speed on Microsoft Excel, and get you ready for the 77-727 & 77-728 exams.

  • Exam 77:727: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation
  • Exam 77-728: Expert: Interpreting Data for Insights

There's a reason why Brian's Microsoft Office courses are among the best-selling on the planet. Here's what others are saying:

  • "Excellent content! Just what I was looking for to enhance productivity at the office." -Paige Popejoy
  • "Great personality and explained things well. Felt like he was at my desk explaining it to me." -William Potts
  • "I can't believe how much I learned. The instructor is great and the lessons were so easy to follow." -Sherie L.
  • "Very precise, clear and constructive." -Forent Sidler

In short, Excel is the most in commonly used and in-demand tool for making sense of data. And when you start to master that data analysis power, you'll be a sought-after employee, which ultimately means that you can EARN MORE MONEY!

Plus, you're always covered by the full refund policy.

If you're ready to chart a course for new opportunities, enroll now, and I'll see you in class!


Microsoft Excel - Complete Guide for Certification

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Course Instructor - Brian Culp

brian culp
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Over the course of 15 years, I've authored over 30 titles for publishers like O'Reilly, McGraw-Hill and Addison-Wesley. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I've spent countless hours teaching individuals and Fortune 500 companies - Microsoft, Sprint, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Budweiser. I've taught students ranging from beginners with Outlook, to veteran admins seeking MCSE Certification. Through it all, I've learned a lot, including this: learning doesn't have to be painful or boring.

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