SAS Programming - Beginner to Expert Data Analyst

Become an expert SAS analyst. Learn basic and advanced SAS programming
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SAS Programming - Beginner to Expert Data Analyst.

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Course Outline

A comprehensive list of all sections & lectures for this course can be found below.


About the course - 01:47 [Play]

Course Breakdown - 01:30

Tools for practice - 05:40

SAS Programs, Datasets and variables - 10:30 [Play]

Datasteps and PROC steps - 05:25

SAS Libraries, Permanent and Temporary datasets - 11:41

Importing Data in SAS environment 1 - 09:13

Importing Data in SAS environment 2 - 15:20

Importing Data in SAS environment 3 - 14:55

SET statement and SAS functions - 14:47 [Play]

Working with Dates - 08:23

IF/THEN/ELSE statement - 11:09

SAS Procedures and PROC SORT - 10:44


PROC MEANS - 04:27

Stacking and Interleaving datasets - 07:02 [Play]

DATA and SET statement options - 06:49

Merging using MERGE statement - 03:19

Exporting data - 05:23

Intro and DO loop - 07:39 [Play]

Nested DO loop - 02:26

DO UNTIL and DO WHILE - 05:05

Conditional DO Loops - 02:45

Array Introduction and One Dimensional Array - 10:36

Array Bounds - 05:47

Two Dimensional Arrays - 04:25

Introduction - 09:03 [Play]

SELECT statement - 13:03

WHERE clause - 11:00


JOINS Part 1 - 13:41

JOINS Part 2 - 04:29

Introduction - 03:39 [Play]

Macro Variables 1 - 14:53

Macro Variables 2 - 20:31

Macro Variables 3 - 11:13

Macro Programs 1 - 21:10

Macro Programs 2 - 16:21

Course Description

SAS Programming – Beginner to Advanced

If you are serious about moving ahead in today’s data driven world there are a few skills that are essential to your success. If you have been working with numbers in any capacity, you have likely worked extensively with Microsoft Excel. Although, Excel is powerful it has its limitations.

This course is intended to take you to the next level in data extraction and analysis using SAS (Statistical Analysis System). Even if you haven’t worked with SAS before, you may have heard of it. SAS is taking the analytics industry by storm and is becoming one of the most in-demand skills that organizations and employers are looking for.

SAS is an integrated system that allows data practitioners to compute and perform a number of tasks including:

  • Application Development for analysis and automation
  • Business forecasting, projections and decision support
  • Statistical and Mathematical Analysis
  • Data entry, retrieval and advanced management.
  • Report Writing and Graphical Data Representation

This course covers all aspects of SAS programming, including: Variables, Datasteps, Datasets, PROC (SAS Procedures) and Importing Data. From there, it dives into performing operations on data using: SET Statements, SAS Functions, Conditional Processing and Handling Dates in SAS.

Once students have an understanding of the fundamental concepts, the course takes a look at intermediate topics such as: PROC MEANS, PROC SORT, PROC FREQ and PROC Print. Base SAS Concepts are then concluded with lectures on Data Merging and Exporting Data from the SAS environment.

From there the course explores SQL (Structured Query Language) and its integration with SAS. One of the key benefits of working with SAS is the ability to interact and extract data from various data sources including Databases and Excel Worksheets.

Students will take an in-depth look into PROC SQL and cover each of its procedural statements including: SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and HAVING. The course also explores SQL JOINS such as: INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN AND EXCLUSION JOINS.

This course also offers a comprehensive overview of SAS Macro Programming. This includes Macro Variables, and Macro Programs. This is unlike any other SAS course available on the market.

In addition to the lecture material, this course includes a number of helpful quizzes and practice activities to help students solidify their newly acquired skills through hands-on exercises.

Why take this Course?

  • SAS Jobs – SAS is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand skills sought by organizations of all sizes.
  • SAS is a pioneer in the data analytics industry and is widely used by organizations and analytics service providers.
  • SAS is easy to learn, easy to use and very flexible compared to its competitors like R and Python.

SAS Programming - Beginner to Expert Data Analyst

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