Microsoft Excel - Beginner to Advanced

Quickly learn A-Z of Excel 2016 - Pivots, Charts, Functions, Data Analysis!
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Microsoft Excel - Beginner to Advanced.

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Course Outline

A comprehensive list of all sections & lectures for this course can be found below.

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction - 04:42 [Play]

Building Blocks - 06:45

Toolbar - 17:35

Worksheet Operations - 08:18 [Play]

Cells & Ranges - 06:57

Tables - 06:14

Formats - 15:42 [Play]

Conditional Formatting Part 1 - 15:08

Conditional Formatting Part 2 - 16:25

Formulas - 15:19 [Play]

Logical Functions - 10:25

Text Functions - 16:29

Date & Time Functions - 04:24

Lookup Functions - 09:06

Math Functions - 07:08

Statistics Functions - 11:52

Data Protection - 13:37 [Play]

Validation - 11:40

Introduction to Charts - 20:26 [Play]

Line Charts - 08:02

Pie - 06:52

Doughnut, Bubble, Stock Charts - 11:10

Sparkline Charts - 09:25

Structure of a Pivot Table - 09:47 [Play]

Pivot Table Calculations - 23:23

Pivot Table Options - 09:39

What-if Analysis - 17:54 [Play]

Solver - 10:45

Descriptive Statistics, Ranks - 19:14 [Play]

Statistical Tests and Regression - 15:59

Basic Building Blocks Part 1 - 11:19 [Play]

Basic Building Blocks Part 2 - 13:04

Basic Building Blocks Part 3 - 08:28

Conditional and Looping Constructs - 10:39

Custom Functions - 04:54

Error Handling - 14:55

Introduction to Form Controls - 10:29

Introduction to Workbook & Worksheet Events - 19:04

Creating a Userform Part 1 - 24:56

Creating a Userform Part 2 - 04:30

Locking cells for Functions - 03:22 [Play]


Importing Data in Excel - 02:08

Custom Sort in Excel - 02:09

Conditional Formatting to highlight duplicate values - 03:17

Course Description

This course is your complete guide to mastering Microsoft Excel. It covers all aspects of working on Excel, starting from basic concepts like creating worksheets, rows, columns, and tables. From there students learn Standard and Conditional Cell Formatting.

The course also covers intermediate topics like Functions where students will master Statistical, Math, Text, Logical, and Lookup Functions. Students are then introduced to Data Protection and Validation which is used to secure data.

This course offers a comprehensive section on Pivot tables in which students will learn to effectively sort and organize data. The theoretical concepts are coupled with case studies to ensure effective comprehension of course content.

In the Charts module, students learn to work with various types of charts and chart analysis. Students will perform advanced trend analysis using charts. Statistical concepts will also be explored which are essential for any data analyst. For example:

  • What if Analysis
  • Data Interpretation using the Data Analysis Toolbox
  • Basics of VBA Script
  • Creating Custom functions using VBA
  • UserForm function to automate work processes

By the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of Excel. You will also see first-hand why previous students refer to this course as the Microsoft Excel Bible!

There are helpful quizzes included in all sections that will help you cement the concepts explored.

The instructors are committed to add new practice activities so that you gain valuable hands-on experience.

Why should you enrol today?

  • Jobs in Excel – Almost every organization uses Excel for data entry. Having a solid understanding of Excel will put you well ahead of the competition in just about any field of work.
  • Demand is significantly increasing – As organizations have started to understand the importance of data the demand for more people being comfortable in Excel will only go up. And for a Data Analyst, it is THE backbone!
  • Easily comprehend advanced topics, with expert instructors.

Microsoft Excel - Beginner to Advanced

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