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Course Outline

A comprehensive list of all sections & lectures for this course can be found below.

Section 2: Tools and Fundamentals

Fundamentals - Part 1 - 09:45 [Play]

Fundamentals - Part 2 - 08:45

Fundamentals - Part 3 - 06:09

Fundamentals - Part 4 - 11:29

Fundamentals - Part 5 - 08:13

Fundamentals - Part 6 - 08:47

Fundamentals - Part 7 - 10:19

Fundamentals - Part 8 - 10:36

Fundamentals - Part 9 - 10:53

Fundamentals - Part 10 - 11:59

Introduction - 04:29 [Play]

Locating Assessments and Course Files - 01:12

Downloading Photoshop CS 6 - 30 Day Trial - 00:38

Photoshop Basics - Part 1 - 10:05

Photoshop Basics - Part 2 - 09:17

Eye Color Changing Part 1 - 08:45 [Play]

Eye Color Changing Part 2 - 09:23

Portrait Photo Editing Part 1 - 06:52

Portrait Photo Editing Part 2 - 09:33

Portrait Photo Editing Part 3 - 09:36

Portrait Photo Editing Part 4 - 07:15

Portrait Photo Editing Part 5 - 07:24

Portrait Photo Editing Part 6 - 11:03

Movie Poster Part 1 - 10:02 [Play]

Movie Poster Part 2 - 17:27

Movie Poster Part 3 - 01:32

Movie Poster Part 4 - 19:34

Movie Poster Part 5 - 16:26

Movie Poster Part 6 - 15:55

Movie Poster Part 7 - 23:43

Surreal Montage Part 1 - 10:48 [Play]

Surreal Montage Part 2 - 15:01

Surreal Montage Part 3 - 12:42

Surreal Montage Part 4 - 15:40

Surreal Montage Part 5 - 13:24

Image Overlay Part 1 - 08:37 [Play]

Image Overlay Part 2 - 09:52

Image Overlay Part 3 - 11:21

Image Overlay Part 4 - 09:25

Web Design Part 1 - 01:18 [Play]

Web Design Part 2 - 09:58

Web Design Part 3 - 08:56

Web Design Part 4 - 12:43

Web Design Part 5 - 11:21

Web Design Part 6 - 12:35

Web Design Part 7 - 13:14

Digital Depth of Field - 09:00 [Play]

Advanced Masking - 13:19

Green Screen Removal - Part 1 - 08:12

Green Screen Removal - Part 2 - 11:59

Green Screen Removal - Part 3 - 11:00

Photo Restoration - Part 1 - 07:32

Photo Restoration - Part 2 - 12:57

Photo Restoration - Part 3 - 10:10

Color Replacement and Object Removal - 10:18

Artificial Lighting - 16:12

Creating Textures with Filters and Blending Modes - 06:42

HDR Image Processing Part 1 - 21:49

HDR Image Processing Part 2 - 11:57

Course Description

This course offers a comprehensive look into one of the most powerful graphic design programs available - Adobe Photoshop. The course is essential for those interested in a career in digital graphics or web design. The course content is organized into multiple sections, starting with fundamental concepts and transitioning into intermediate and advanced level topics.

Section 1: Introduction

We start with Photoshop essentials, including creating and configuring a Photoshop document. Students also learn to effectively organize the Photoshop workspace and stay organized during the design process. Students are introduced to Print vs. Desktop publishing and working with different color modes such as CMYK and RGB.

Section 2: Tools & Fundamentals

Here, students learn to work with some of the basic tools and functions that are instrumental in progressing with Photoshop. We explore the layers, history and text formatting panels. Students learn to apply text, gradients, filters and layer styles to images. We also create basic shapes, modify layer attributes, cast selections and import graphics into a document.

Section 3: Masking

Through a series of hands-on exercises, students are introduced to the concept of masking. We demonstrate how to isolate image components onto separate layers to manipulate them independently. We explore various image color adjustment functions such as adjustment layers, replace color, and exposure settings. We also take a look at several photo enhancement tools such content-aware, blur, sharpen, burn, liquify and airbrushing.

Section 4: Special Effects for Branding

This section delves into several intermediate level functions through a hands-on exercise. Students will create a movie poster using techniques taught in previous lessons, as well as new concepts. We explore image importation, advanced transformations, adjustment layers, blending modes, and channel mixers. We also explore the pen tool for casting custom selections around complex shapes. Students also build on their airbrushing skills using various artistic techniques.

Section 5: Special Effects for Scenery

This section focuses specifically on special effects rendering through a hands-on exercise that tests the limits of imagination and fantasy. Students will create a surreal montage using advanced masking techniques, filters, color balancing, feathering, blending and texture mapping. Several new concepts are introduced that are instrumental in mastering Photoshop.

Section 6: Special Effects for Texturization

Students learn to apply texture to objects using various blending modes and image transformative functions. We take an in-depth look at the eraser tool and different methods to select transparent images.

Section 7: Web Graphics & UI Design

Here, students learn to design complex web layouts and user interfaces for web development projects. We start by creating the web layout and customizing it using advanced shapes, logos, text formatting, borders and layer styles. We also explore inverted colors, blending modes, pixelated edge removal, inverted selections and more. By the end of this section, students will easily be able to design stunning web page layouts, ready for HTML conversion.

Section 8: Photo Editing

Students learn to optimize and edit photos effortlessly using various techniques geared towards photographers. We explore creating digital depth of field effects, advanced masking, and advanced green screen removal for complex shapes and objects. Students will learn various methods of photo restoration, landscape editing, artificial light manipulation and HDR image processing.

Adobe Photoshop Certificate Course

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