JavaScript Fundamentals

Learn to add web page interactivity using JavaScript
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JavaScript Fundamentals.

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Course Outline

A comprehensive list of all sections & lectures for this course can be found below.

Section 1: Introduction

Course Objectives - 00:38 [Play]

DOM Introduction - 03:12 [Play]

DOM Manipulation - 01:18

JavaScript - Introduction - 05:42 [Play]

JavaScript Placement - 02:10

External JavaScript - 01:50

JavaScript Output - 01:41

JavaScript InnerHTML - 01:03

JavaScript Commenting - 01:49

JavaScript Constants - 01:34

JavaScript Variables Introduction - 04:31

JavaScript Assignment Operator - 01:06

JavaScript Arithmetic Operations - 03:44

JavaScript Arithmetic Operations Continued - 03:46

JavaScript Operator Precedence - 00:58

JavaScript Data Types - 01:13

JavaScript Objects - 01:43

JavaScript Object Output - 01:23

JavaScript Strings - 03:12

JavaScript String Length - 00:41

JavaScript Special Characters - 01:19

JavaScript Random Numbers - 00:55

JavaScript Min and Max Function - 01:05

JavaScript Math Round Function - 01:38

JavaScript Arrays - 02:15

JavaScript Array Attributes - 01:28

JavaScript Arrays - Pop - Push - Shift - Unshift - 02:05

JavaScript Changing and Deleting Elements - 01:59

JavaScript Splicing an Array - 01:35

JavaScript Sorting an Array - 01:24

JavaScript Joining Arrays - 01:04

JavaScript Conditional Statements - 06:18

JavaScript Comparisons - 02:26

JavaScript Booleans - 01:21

JavaScript For Loops - 02:40

JavaScript For-In Loop - 00:47

JavaScript While Loops - 02:08

JavaScript Do-While Loop - 01:58

JavaScript Break and Continue - 01:14

JavaScript Functions - 01:54

JavaScript Events - 01:19

JavaScript Project 1 - BG Color Changer - 02:14

JavaScript Project 2 - Photo Gallery - 02:24

JavaScript Project 2 - Completion - 02:38

Course Description

This course is part-four of the nine-part Web Development Masterclass Series.

Students learn to add dynamic, interactivity to web pages using JavaScript.

We start with exploring the fundamental concepts, including JavaScript placement and output functions. We then transition to working with arithmetic operators, math functions, arrays, sorting, conditional statements and loops. Students also learn to work with events and functions.

The course includes several hands-on exercises to help students master this essential scripting language.

Course Prerequisites: Internet and Web Development Fundamentals, HTML Fundamentals, CSS Fundamentals

JavaScript Fundamentals

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