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To facilitate a comprehensive online learning environment for students and connect skilled job seekers with employers.

Company Overview

YouAccel.com is a leading provider in online training and job search solutions.

We provide a streamlined approach to learning and acquiring the skills you need to gain employment in your desired field of work. We offer a broad range of courses in many subjects. Courses are taught by certified, renowned experts with several years of work experience. You can be confident that the methods instructed in our courses are designed to thoroughly enhance your knowledge and skill set.

Job Search Solutions
Our partnerships with leading organizations helps us match the right job candidates with employers seeking new talent. The platform is entirely web based and offers job seekers and employers the ability to administer their profile, review applications, and communicate through the e-portal. With new jobs posted daily, finding the right career in any field has never been easier.

YouAccel.com : Did you know?

The knowledge and skills required to stay competitive in the job market are evolving faster than ever before.

Employees must be trained continuously to stay ahead and avoid being out-maneuvered by competitors. Online learning has quickly become a key element in facilitating this goal among small businesses and large multinational organizations alike. Our platform streamlines the learning process.

Each course is delivered in High Definition with assignments, quizzes and exams all delivered and graded electronically. Learn from anywhere, anytime.

Market Trends

The utilization of e-learning is an internationally developing phenomenon. Across the globe institutions and students are seeking to expand their knowledge base through online platforms.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, a study published by the American Society for Training & Development indicated that 37% of all U.S. corporate training hours involved electronic technology.

The Global Industry Analysts forecast reported that the global e-learning market will hit $107.3-billion (U.S.) by 2015. A dramatic increase from years preceding. (Full Article)
As reported by Reuters, the U.S. job growth figures for 2015 indicated a rebound in the unemployment rate, hitting a seven-year low of 5.4%.

Gains were mostly seen in the services sector and construction jobs, which offset weakness in mining.

Employment growth averaged 257,000 jobs per month in the 12 months prior to April. (Full Article)
The freelance economy continues to grow at a remarkable rate across the globe. Innovation in technology has paved the way for large organizations to cost-effectively leverage freelance workers at scale.

As reported by Forbes, the Freelancers Union saw an increase of 10 million Independent American workers from 2005 – 2006, with total membership exceeding 40 million. (Full Article)
As reported by the BBC, nearly half of the global population will be using the internet by the end of this year.

This number represents nearly 80% of households in developed countries and 34% of those in developing countries. Internet usage is growng exponentially.

In 2000 there were just 400 million internet users worldwide, this number now stands at 3.2 billion. (Full Article)